Beat the Odds


BEAT THE ODDS.  Over 50% of Student Pilots Drop Out!!!


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General Aviation News, 6-17-05.

There Are 3 Stages To Earning A Private Pilot Certificate:

1. Pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test, 2. Taking Flight Lessons, 3. Pass the FAA Check Ride.

Like many flight schools. Am I High Aviation provides a multi-week Private Pilot Ground School. Due to many legitimate reasons – lack of time, family commitments, work requirements – students often miss classes and fall behind.  These students lose confidence in their ability to pass the written test.  Consequently, the written test looms as a huge barrier to continuing their training.  SOLUTION:  A Total-Immersion 2-Day Ground School designed to get students over the written test hurdle.  In November 2004, Am I High Aviation began conducting a weekend ground school on a monthly basis and discovered; students that take the mock test after the 2-day class took the FAA test, passed the FAA Knowledge Test and continued flight training to completion.

STUDENT PILOTS CAN BEAT THE ODDS: The lack of time to attend all Ground School classes coincides with the lack of confidence to pass the FAA written test.  Too many student pilots then drop out of aviation altogether.  Student pilots can BEAT THE ODDS by overcoming one of the biggest obstacles to obtaining the Private Pilot Certificate by completing ground school quickly and passing the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test while the information is fresh.  If you can’t make the commitment to faithfully attend a multi-week program or the time to sit in front of a computer for an online course, consider a Full-Immersion 2-Day Ground School.  Even if you have attended a multi-week program, consider attending a 2-Day Ground School as a review to assure passage of the FAA written test.

FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS, FBOs AND AIRPORT MANAGERS CAN BEAT THE ODDS: Getting your students through the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test quickly will vastly increase your student retention rate.  Bottom Line: You will have more students, more aircraft rental sales, more flight instruction sales, more pilot supplies and more fuel sales.


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