2014 Wayne Endthoft – Accelerated Private Pilot Course until Winter arrived

Wayne1July 2014 at the Stevens Point Municipal Airport / Mattson Field. Wayne Endthoft began flight training for the Private Pilot certificate. With a modified accelerated program, Endthoft was able to stay in Stevens Point for long days of flight training and did complete all FAA required meneuvers/training. All that was required for Wayne to complete were his solo and 10 hrs of PIC time. Due to long wintery weeks at KSTE, Wayne Endthoft decided to complete his training at the closest illinois airport to his residence. He has since completed his demonstrated solo flight and his 150 mile solo cross country trip. ALMOST THERE!!!


Wayne6   Wayne2

Wayne5   Wayne4

Wayne9   Wayne18   Wayne16   Wayne11

Wayne3   Wayne8

Wayne17    Wayne15


Wayne14    Wayne13

Wayne19    Wayne20

Wayne21   Wayne22


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