NOV 2007: Steven Kubisiak: Private Pilot Airplane, SEL.

Steve Kubisiak is now a Private Pilot!Steven Kubisiak

Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

November 4, 2007: Steven Kubisiak

Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

Instructor – John Thompson, MCFI

DPE: Sherwood Williams

Steven Kubisiak trained with John Thompson, Certified Flight Instructor with Am I High Aviation, LLC and passed his Private Pilot flight test with Sherwood Williams, Designated Pilot Examiner of Green Bay, Wisconsin. With his Private Pilot license less than one week old. Steven Kubisiak of Kubisiak Farms has taken friends for rides and family to Missouri. The Sky has no limits for this guy!

WEEKEND GROUND SCHOOL: NOV, 2006. Steve Kubisiak passed his Private Pilot Knowledge test.

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