NOV 2007: Ryan Vechinski: Private Pilot Airplane, SEL.

Ryan Vechinski is now a private pilot.November 4, 2007: Ryan Vechinski

Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

Instructor – Wanda Zuege, MCFI

Designated Pilot Examiner:

Sherwood Williams

Ryan Vechinski eagerly waited for his flight test with Sherwood Williams Sunday afternoon scheduled after Steve Kubisiak’s flight test. Vechinski trained with Wanda Zuege, Master Certified Flight Instructor with Am I High Aviation, LLC and passed with “flying colors.” Out of the clouds and on the ground, with his new license to fly, Ryan’s wife, Erin, proudly boarded the Piper Cherokee airplane and became Vechinski’s first passenger! Rumor has it, she requested to experience s-t-a-l-l-s on this first flight!

November 25, 2008 Ryan wrote: “I would also like to book some flight training in the future – about 15 years in the future. I’ve included some photos of your new student :-)”

Ryan wrote: “Let me be the first to congratulate you.” These words marked a new beginning for me, and an end to a life-long goal. These words were spoken to me by Sherwood Williams, my flight examiner, after landing for the last time as a student pilot. I was a Private Pilot.

Ryan Vechinski's brand new son Harrison

Oh Boy! Flight training in fifteen years!

Being a pilot has been a life-long dream of mine, started by my grandpa. He became a pilot shortly after returning from the Korean war. He has owned many airplanes, his favorite being his blue and white Champ. He loves aviation as much as I do, and because of this, has always talked about flying and aviation (mostly to me, because I would listen!). He would take every opportunity to be around aviation, and try to include me. In fact, my first trip to the Oshkosh Air Show (now AirVenture) happened before I was even 1. Starting again since I was 12, I have attended Oshkosh every year. I have been around aviation all of my life, and I wanted to make it a part of my life by obtaining my pilots license. So in the summer of 2000 (yes, that right, 2000), I started my flight training. During that summer, after flying for more than 20 hours, I heard what I though was the worst news of my life – my medical application had been denied. I couldn’t believe it – I was being told that I could not obtain my life-long goal. I was not going to go down without a fight.

Unfortunately, my “fight” would have to wait – I was in the middle of attending college, and although I sent many letters, I did not have the time to gather all of the information required by the FAA.

That changed in 2007. I was out of college, had a full time job, an even bigger desire to finish my goal, and married to my beautiful wife Erin who believe it would happen. I got the required medical information gathered, and the required doctor appointments, and then applied for another medical (because my last application had expired). To my amazement, the AME said that everything was in perfect order, and handed me my medical! I could not believe I was finally holding on to a piece of paper that had eluded me for 7 years!

Things just kept getting better from there. I found the absolute best flight school; Wanda, John, and Terese make an incredible team when it comes to teaching aviation. Not only did they do an absolute superb job in preparing me for every step, they also allowed me to “live” aviation every minute I was at the airport. They will allow me to talk aviation for hours before or after a lesson (and even like it when I stop by to only to talk about aviation!) They must love flying as much as I do! To them, it is not only about learning the necessary information; to them it is about doing what you love. I must again send my thanks to Wanda, John, Terese, who helped me with my dream. Thank you.

WEEKEND GROUND SCHOOL. SEP 2007: Well, I took my test

today, and I am glad to say I passed with a 98%! Thank you very much for the time taken during the ground school this past weekend – it was time very well spent. The entire weekend was laid out extremely well, and prepared us well for the exam. That’s one step closer! If you happen to talk to John or Terese before I do, please thank them as well! Ryan Vechinski, Wisconsin Rapids , WI

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