OCT 2007: Keith Lee, Private Pilot Airplane, SEL.

Keith Lee, 2007 PP-ASEL airplane

October, 2007: Keith Lee

Private Pilot SEL, Airplane
Instructor – Wanda Zuege, MCFI
Designated Pilot Examiner: Jim Cotter, Appleton, WI
Stevens Point, Wisconsin,

October 27, 2007: Keith Lee, student pilot for 6 years, requested accelerated training with Am I High Aviation, LLC at theStevens Point Municipal Airport. Three flight training days later with Wanda Zuege, Master Certified Flight Instructor, Lee took his Private Pilot practical test with James A. Cotter, Designated Flight Examiner out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Keith’s first flight as Pilot in Command was a breakfast flight to Reedsburg, Wisconsin, with a fellow pilot buddy. The day continued with a flight to Door County/Ephraim-Fish Creek airport to meet his wife and brother-in-law for lunch. Lee quoted, “Very nice day.”

WEEKEND GROUND SCHOOL. OCT, 2006. Hi Wanda and John, yes I did take the test on Monday afternoon and yes I passed. A big thank you to both of you for a job well done. The class was excellent, the material explained in detail and I felt ready to continue with my flight training. I recommend your course to anyone that is wanting to fly.  Thanks again.  Keith Lee, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.


Keith wrote: “Not a typo folks. After 6 years of working with at least 9 instructors and dealing with bad weather and too much work I decided to STOP THE WORLD and change my approach to flight training. I am talking about me, a student pilot for about 6 years with 120 plus hours in total flight time and still not getting there. I bought into a  partnership about 3 years ago as an incentive to finish up. Didn’t work. I bought myself a new Bose headset as an incentive to finish up. Didn’t work. I then proceeded to buy a nice new gps as an incentive to finish up my flight training. Didn’t work either. Then I remembered that I had SUCCESSFULLY completed a weekend ground school course through AM I HIGH AVIATION with 2 excellent professional instructors, John Thompson and Wanda Zuege, owners and operators of AM I HIGH AVIATION headquartered at the Steven’s Point Airport. I passed the Ground School Course and the FAA Written test a few days later. So I called Wanda and asked her if they work with any special situations like me, to prepare them for Check Ride Readiness. And of course, being the helpful and professional instructors they are, they said yes and prepared a 3 day weekend for me to become checkride ready. When I talk about special needs I mean I work about 60 hours per week, am 57 years old. I must say Wanda was 100% professional, encouraging, and successful in her confidence building. I learned many new things about my airplane during those 3 days. I think my wife, Holly is probably as happy as me about this accelerated training that AM I HIGH AVIATION developed for me. Holly has always supported my flying but felt the frustration I was experiencing with the changing of so many instructors. Well guess what? I just took my Checkride and passed. A really big THANK YOU to Wanda and John at AM I HIGH AVIATION for the part they played in making me ONE HAPPY PILOT. THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU!!!” KEITH LEE,PRIVATE PILOT.

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