MAY 2011: Michael Foust, Private Pilot Airplane, SEL

Private Pilot Airplane, SEL (45 hrs)

Michael Leon Foust
Private Pilot
Instructor: Wanda Zuege
Designated Examiner: Duffy Gaier

May 25, 2011:  Stevens Point Municipal Airport, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Michael Foust of Soldotna, Alaska, accomplished a 24-year dream to learn to fly.  It all started on May 11 when he arrived in Wisconsin to attend Am I High Aviation, LLC’s accelerated Private Pilot Program. Foust trained with Wanda Zuege, 2010 Flight Instructor of The Year/Wisconsin and Great Lakes Region, at the Stevens Point Municipal Airport.  Designated Pilot Examiner, Duffy Gaier of the  Marshfield Municipal Airport, endorsed Mike’s airmanship. Two days left for some R & R before returning home where a private airstrip, a Cessna 140 and a sky full of Alaska Skyventures await.

May 20, 2011: Mike Foust executed three take offs and landings which included a review of the pre-takeoff checklist prior to demonstrating three shortfield takeoffs and landings on runway 12 with full flaps to a full stop. Patiently waiting for his picture to be taken, he had places to go and flight plans to file to complete the FAA required long cross country trip to Rhinelander, Medford and back to KSTE .

May 16, Mike Foust passed his Private Pilot knowledge test after attending the weekend ground school.

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