APR 2008: Matthew Frittitta: Private Pilot Airplane, SEL.

Jay Frittitta Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

Jay Frittitta Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

APR 2008: Matthew “Jay” Frittitta

Private Pilot – Airman Single Engine Land:

Instructor: John Thompson, MCFI

Designated Pilot Examiner: Sherwood Williams

Jay wrote: “Hey Wanda, the website looks great! J

Some info about myself. I’ll be a junior next semester at UW Stevens Point majoring in Computer Information Systems, and I’ll be in Japan teaching English this summer for two months. I’m going to have some fun taking friends and family for rides and occasionally fly home to Waukesha to see my parents. I hope to someday add an instrument rating to my license and a lot more hours! I began flight training with John five months ago in November. I initially wanted to begin flying for the experience and for a fun hobby; I never knew how fun it would be!”

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