MAR 2011: John Wrycza PP-ASEL Instrument-Airplane

Private Pilot ASEL SES Instrument-Airplane

600 mile IFR cross country trip

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, March, 2011.  John Wrycza, Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea, added another rating to his flight certificate: instrument-Airplane .  Wrycza is now certified to fly in weather with visibility below 3 statute miles to flying in clouds with zero visibility.Wrycza completed instrument training with Wanda Zuege, 2-time Master Flight Instructor with Am I High Aviation, LLC. This advanced instruction requires a minimum of 40 hours of training followed by a Practical Test (flight test) with an FAA Designated Flight Examiner to confirm his safety and airmanship. Harold “Duffy” Geier of the Marshfield Municipal Airport endorsed his rating.

Wrycza writes:  “Wanda’s pre-checkride IFR accelerated training included 20+ hours of mostly IMC – yeah the white stuff in a RedBird FMX full motion simulator (182rg, w/Garmin 530/430) – it’s a real sim – top-of-the-line $70,000 3 axis movement – rock & roll along with 200º field of view 6 LCD screen experience will indeed give you vertigo upon entering the clouds on climbout. At roughly ½ the price of the real airplane, and the effective & efficient side-effects of being able to PAUSE the flight and/or takeoff mid-air, on approach, etc – IFR CHECKRIDES can be accomplished in the RedBird minus the circle-to-land; its EASIER to fly the airplane after flying RedBird.  There’s value/time savings of not having to pre-flight, runup, re-fuel, wear headsets or deal with weather  – and the cockpit is HUGE.”


MAY 5, 2008:  Student Pilot turned Pilot-In-Command:  John Wrycza flew solo (without an instructor) on May 5 performing three takeoffs and three landings on Runway 30 underneath a brilliant sky painted in sunset colors …. winds CALM! The following morning, Wrycza planned his first long cross country trip (solo) starting westbound to Eau Claire (with three touch & go’s) then eastbound to Central Wisconsin Airport (with three touch & go’s) and completed the flight (to a full stop landing) at the Stevens Point Municipal Aiport.  Sherwood “Woody” Williams, Designated Flight Examiner, endorsed John Wrycza’s airmanship for the Private Pilot Certificate.

A google Earth overlay on the sectional chart for a student solo flight.


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