John Wrycza: First Solo

John Wrycza - First Solo

John Wrycza - First Solo, May 5, 2008

May 5 & 6, 2008: John Wrycza

Student pilot turned Pilot-In-Command:

John Wrycza flew solo (without an instructor) on May 5 performing three takeoffs and three landings on Runway 30 underneath a brilliant sky painted in sunset colors …. winds CALM! The following morning, Wrycza planned his first long cross country trip (solo) starting westbound to Eau Claire (with three touch & go’s) then eastbound to Central Wisconsin Airport (with three touch & go’s) and completed the flight (to a full stop landing) at the Stevens Point Municipal Aiport. What’s next? Seven more hours of pilot-in-command time (solo flight) prior to taking his Practical Test (the flight test)

Wrycza has added a new dimension to flight training – the GPS track overlay … on sectional maps (see below) … on google earth … and in 3D. Soon, I will be introduced to “the helmet camera”. (Wanda Zuege – tech student)

A google Earth overlay on the sectional chart for a student solo flight.

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