AUG 2007: Joel Kosoris Private Pilot Airplane, SEL.

August, 2007: Joel Kosoris

Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

Instructor – John Thompson, MCFI

DPE: Jim Cotter, Appleton, WI


August 1, 2007. Joel Kosoris started flight training with Am I High Aviation, LLC, August 1st. Eighteen days and 40 hours later, Kosoris passed his flight test returning to his home airport of Stevens Point Municipal Airport as a licensed Private Pilot.

A Crew Chief and Mechanic for large cargo transport helicopters, Joel Kosoris served five years in the Marine Corps with two extended deployments to Iraq. With the end of his enlistment served, Kosoris was ready to depart for a new career path as a professional pilot by enrolling in the Professional Aeronautics Program at Fox Valley Technical College.He quickly discovered that he needed to have a Private Pilot certificate by August 25, 2007, prior to enrollment.

Supported and encouraged by his wife Stacy, an Education major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Joel immediately started full-time flight training with John Thompson, Certified Flight Instructor with Am I High Aviation, LLC. By Wednesday, August 8, Kosoris was permitted to solo; fly without a flight instructor on board. This is a major event when every student pilot starts to build experience and confidence with their new aeronautical skills. By August 13 Joel scheduled and passed his flight test — with flying colors! With his Private Pilot certificate in hand, Joel can now fly with passengers and can share expenses equally with passengers if he chooses.

Successfully enrolled in a Professional Aeronautics Program with a GI bill that pays 60% of his flight training, Kosoris’ career-pilot path is at full-throttle towards achieving new heights as a professional aviator.

Learning to fly, like learning to drive, happens in three stages: you must pass an aeronautical knowledge test, followed by actually taking flight lessons and then pass the flight test.Training with an instructor may begin at any age, but the student learning to fly an airplane cannot fly solo (without an instructor) until age 16.

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