FREE Movie and $20 Air Rides at the Stevens Point Municipal Airport


1911: First American Female Licensed Pilot

1911: Harriette Quimby, The First American Female Licensed Pilot

March 13, 2011, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Celebrate 100 Years of Licensed Women Pilots and the first annual Women of Aviation Worldwide Week at the Stevens Point Municipal Airport. Am I High Aviation, LLC presents a day at the airport watching FREE Movies filled with aviation adventure for all and $20 air rides.

Born in Michigan (1875 – 1912), Hariette Quimby became a successful photojournalist and screenwriter traveling all over the world to almost every foreign country before turning her interest to aviation. The Empress of the Air made history 100 years ago as America’s first licensed female pilot and again as the first woman to solo across the English Channel “driving her own aeroplane”. As the first female eagle, Hariette Quimby also took the lead and designed the first safe costume for women fliers, writing, “If a woman wants to fly, first of all she must, of course, abandon skirts.” Harriet left behind a vision of glamour, courage and intelligence for all to follow. Yet, 100 years later, only 6% of all licensed pilots are women and only 3% are ATPs (Airline Transport Pilots).

Come Join us as we celebrate the first annual Women of Aviation WorldWide Week. Call or email today for more details and to let us know you’re coming. 715-345-8989,,

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