SEP 2008: Douglas Rouse: PP-ASEL, Instrument Airplane

SEP 2008: Douglas Rouse

Accelerated IFR Training

Private Pilot SEL, Instrument Rated

Instructor: Wanda Zuege, MCFI

Designated Pilot Examiner: Jim Cotter, DPE

Doug passed his instrument checkride with Jim Cotter, Designated Pilot Examiner, after accelerated instrument completion training with Wanda Zuege, MCFI. Douglas Rouse, WI

SEP, 2008: Wanda, I took the written for the Instrument Rating last night and finished up about 11:00pm. I passed with Flying Colors.

I actually did much better than I expected or did on on the practice test I completed prior to leaving Stevens Point. Please pass on to John that I appreciate him working with me after I completed the practice test to better understand my mistakes and the material. Thank you for your training and direction preparing me for the written exam, you did a great job. I look forwd to completing my training with you this coming weekend. Douglas Rouse, WI

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