SEP 2008: Dennis Malone: Private Pilot Airplane, SEL.

Dennis Malone, Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

Dennis Malone, Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

SEP 2008: Dennis Malone

Accelerated Course: 41.3 hours in 13 days

Private Pilot – Airman Single Engine Land

Instructor: John Thompson, MCFI

Designated Pilot Examiner: Shane Lehman

Dennis Malone passed his FAA Private Pilot practical test with Shane Lehman, Designated Pilot Examiner at the Waupaca Municipal Airport.

Dennis wrote: “I was his first accelerated (student) that Shawn has ever done. He was unsure as to what to expect. He was able to see that you did a great job of preparing me and I flew the airplane just like you taught me.

Let’s think. Thirteen days, 41.3 hours in the cockpit and I went for my checkride. I was prepared and confident. I still would be figuring out how to get this done if it were not for taking the accelerated course. No wasted time. Just flying every day. It was great. The biggest disappointment now is I don’t get in the air every day. Thanks for everything!”

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