NOV 2010: David Courtney,PP-ASEL, Instrument-Airplane

David Courtney, Instrument Rating in less than 45 hours

NOVEMBER, 2010.  Bellanca Viking owner, David Courtney passed his Instrument Practical Test.

Instructor: Wanda Zuege, MCFI

Designated Examiner: Harold “Duffy” Gaier  at the Marshfield Municipal Airport.

“I filed and flew my first IFR trip to KY for Thanksgiving. The trip down was fairly uneventul. I was in cloud for about 30 minutes down around Bloomington, Ill.  … Thanks again for the training as it is paying off already.  Will continue to practice the GPS approaches as well as the others in order to feel rock solid in the soup when the day comes.” David Courtney, Wisconsin Rapids & Kentucky.

Hi Wanda, I just flew home from KY today. I had to divert to CWA because Rapids was too low to even try an approach. I was in cloud for 2 of the 3 1/2 hours. I was right at the edge of ice from the WI line north but I had a good out plan. When I tuned the ATIS at CWA I heard that ILS to rwy 8 was in use. I was like — jackpot! I had looked at the weather that morning and figured that is what I was going to get if I had to divert. You and I shot that approach so much it was like old hat when I rolled in there today. I have flown about 60 hrs since I passed the test, almost all of it IFR. I have about 20hrs actual now. I have been choosing my flights very carefully not to bite off more that I can chew. I now have flown hard IFR on takeoff, enroute and destination and feel very comfortable doing it. I still remember that night we shot that approach to Point and you let me develop a good case of the leans. I really thank you for that as I have been in a cou ple of situations since then that I had to really concentrate (on the instruments) as I could feel it coming on. I would encourage you to let everyone get a good case of them. Thanks again for the great training”. D. Courtney, ASEL-instrument Airplane

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