APR 2008: Dave Becker, Private Pilot Airplane, SEL.

Dave Becker Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

Dave Becker Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

April 2008: Dave Becker

Private Pilot SEL, Airplane

Instructor – John Thompson, MCFI

Designated Pilot Examiner: Jim Cotter

Dave Becker passed his FAA Private Pilot practical test with Jim Cotter, Designated Pilot Examiner, Sunday Morning.

Becker wrote: “Hello John & Wanda, I still cannot believe that I can call myself a Private Pilot. It has been all of just one day since passing my private pilot check ride and I am still flying high in the sky and I am not in the airplane. (Don’t worry, I am flying VFR in my memories. This fall will be IFR.)

As you know, I tried getting my private pilots license back in 1993 and I have to admit that I did not care for my instructor at the time and quit very early in the process. I guess it was an easy excuse. From that time, I have always regretted not getting my pilots license.

This past fall I re-dedicated myself to learn how to fly and fortunately came across Am I High Aviation. John & Wanda, you were exactly what I was looking for. A group of instructors that were extremely organized and were solely dedicated to the training and instruction of students & pilots and were willing to instruct on an accelerated timeframe. I started on the Simulator with Wanda which is one of the greatest tools to learn all aspects of flying before getting into the plane. I then started flying with John and in less than 3 total weeks of flying time I passed my check ride. I am a PILOT!

John, of all the things that I will remember, I will never forget you saying that the plane wants to fly, just fly it Stevens Point Airport is very lucky to have two Master Instructors in one location.Thank you again for all of your help and I cannot wait to get back from Canada this fall to start my next phase of training.”

David Becker, WI.

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