Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP)

Non-U.S. Citizens who do not already have a pilot certificate, or who wish to add an Instrument Rating or a Multi Engine rating will need to go through the TSA Alien Flight Student Program background check. The process is fairly simple. It takes 2-4 weeks if there are no problems. You can start it from home over the internet. You will have to provide fingerprints at some stage, and there are some places outside the US where you can do this, or you can do it when you arrive. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Web site tells you where the fingerprinting centers are. To get started…

  • Please review TSA’s Help Desk guidelines before contacting the Help Desk.
  • Then go to (preferred);
  • Then contact the Help Desk by phone: 571-203-8470
  • When your application is complete, TSA will contact the flight school.
Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP)
The purpose of the Transportation Security Administration’s Alien Flight Training Rule is to ensure that non-U.S. citizen candidates seeking training at flight schools regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) do not pose a threat to aviation or national security.

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