Private Pilot Certificate in 14 Days

Accelerated Private Pilot Training Saves Time and Money!

Airlines, cargo and military training operations utilize the total immersion learning environment because it works. An accelerated flight training course is the most cost and time efficient way to achieve your aviation related goals. Studies have shown that intensive, accelerated flight training programs keep the student’s learning curve maximize so you are not spending your very valuable resources re-learning what you forgot from your previous lesson.

Ground School Success Stories since 2007:  Click here

Flight Training Success Stories since 2001:  Click here

HOTELS:  Go to and scroll tobottom of webpage. You’ll find a listing of hotels closest to the airport.

AOPA’s Flight Traning Financing can fast track your training. Loans start as low as $100 a month, and students can receive a decision within 1 business day after completing a quick online application: Click here –

What can you do with a pilot’s license?  Check out this sweet video that AIH graduate Pete Kopecko made of the sun rising on the Chicago skyline…  Well done Pete, what a view! (For more of his fantastic videos check out pilotpete109 on youtube.)


2014-10-09 07.18.13 12 Reasons You Should Be A Pilot 

Flying is addictive. For most of the new pilots out there, it’s been a longtime, if not a lifetime dream to become an aviator. That itch to take the controls doesn’t fade easily. Boldmethod, LLC


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