$122,000 Paper Airplane

Were They Just Paper Airplanes?

Student pilot lost 122,000 dollars to an unscrupulous flight school.Edward Roe took out $122,000 loan: $99,000 for flight training and $20,000 for living expenses for an 11 month program with Tab Express Flight School — which shut down two weeks later. Don’t let this happen to you.


Pub: JUL 4, 2009, New York Times


AOPA article: “There are three things that all of these (flight academies) and other ab initio training programs in the United States have in common. They are expensive, competitive, and offer no guarantees. Plan on spending from $50,000 to $100,000 or more to complete ab initio training. — Demand success stories and information on the percentage that didn’t make it. Consult with graduates who have been hired into an air carrier.” http://www.aopa.org/asf/publications/inst_reports2.cfm?article=132

OUR 4 MONTH AB INITIO PROGRAM: Am I High Aviation, LLC’s cost for ab initio training “from the beginning” (the literal translation of the Latin term) zero-time pilot to Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) within 4 months for approximately $40,000. A detailed cost list is available upon request.  Call us today to discuss your accelerated aviation career!

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