Wanda Zuege Biography

ATP ASEL, AMEL, CFII, IGI, MCFI, Gold Seal Flight Instructor.

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 3,710 hrs    TOTAL FLIGHT TIME: as of June, 2016
    135 hrs    Multiengine    
 3575 hrs    Single Engine
    45/ME   Second-in-Command
3327/SE   Pilot-in-Command
     135/ME   Pilot-in-Command
   203/SE & ME   Dual Received
   555 hrs   Actual/Hood/Sim  
   530 hrs   Night    
 2,202 hrs   Flight Instructor 
    835 hrs   IFR Sim Instructor 
    503 hrs   IFR flight Instructor 
Attending a Masters’ Class. Tom Beneson, Flying Magazine
  • 2010 Certified Flight Instructor of the year/Great Lakes Region
  • 2010 FAASTeam Representative of the year/Great Lakes Region
  • 2010 Certified Flight Instructor of the year/Wisconsin
  • 2010 FAASTeam Representative of the year/ Wisconsin
  • 2- time Master Certified Flight Instructor (2007 – 2011)
  • Gold Seal Flight Instructor.
  • SPEAKER/PRESENTER:  An aviation speaker/presenter of flight and ground training:
  • Instrument Recurrency Program (8 hr presentation/government contractor certified)
  • Airspace, Airports and Airmanship (1 hr or 3 hrs as requested)
  • Runway Incursion Avoidance (1 hr or 3 hrs)
  • Risk Management/traffic pattern operations (1 hr or 3 hrs)
  • Airspace, Airports and Airmanship for the Sport Pilot (1 hr or 3 hrs)
  • TSA and the Alien Flight Student Training Program (1 hr or 3 hrs)
  • Special Use Airspace and Security-Related Airspace. (1 hr or 3 hrs)
  • Presentations can integrate an audience response system for interactive audience polling, advanced PowerPoint slides using images, videos, animations and Google Earth to visually enhance the learning experience.
  • Volunteer
  • FAASTEAM Forum Speaker at CFI Workshops/Wisconsin
  • FAASTEAM Forum Speaker at EAA Airventure
  • FAASTeam Forum Speaker at Wisconsin Light Aviation Safety Seminar
  • EAA Airventure Forum Speaker
  • Flight Specialist for KidVenture Program
  • Flight Specialist with Learn To Fly Center

HISTORY: I was introduced to flying at Wild Rose Idlewild Airport, a beautiful Class G -airport with north-south/east-west turf runways hidden among the pine trees and farm fields of northern Wisconsin. My husband and I purchased our first aircraft; Eipper’s Quicksilver weight shift, single-seat, ultralight aircraft from Don Gibbs. Owner and ultralight pilot, Don also became our first instructor; meeting us at the airport when the winds were less than 3kts. Standing at the end of the turf runway giving instructions; “Taxi to the end of the runway and back. Shift your weight back and fly just a foot off the runway then shift your weight forward and land. Continue these crow-hops as many times as you can in each direction. ” I have been hooked on flight lessons ever since:

  • Private Pilot – Eagle River, WI
  • Instrument Rating – Rhinelander, WI
  • MEL, Instrument Redbird, TX
  • Commercial Certificate – Waupaca, WI
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Appleton, WI
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument – Norman, OK
  • ATP Redbird, TX
  • Master Certified Flight Instructor, Stevens Point, WI
  • Instrument Ground Instructor – Stevens Point, WI
  • Gold Seal Flight Instructor – Stevens Point, WI
  • FAA Safety Team, Lead Representative, Wisconsin Region
  • 2010 Flight Instructor of the Year/Wisconsin
  • 2010 FAASTeam Representative of the Year/Wisconsin
  • 2010 Flight Instructor of the Year/Great Lakes Region
  • 2010 FAASTeam Representative of the Year/Great Lakes Region
  • Master Level Phase I – Wings Pilot Proficiency Program


In 2001, after reaching 1500 total flight hours, I needed only 50 hours of multi engine flight time to complete my resume for an American Eagle interview. Hired by Central Air Southwest, a certificated FAA Part 135 air-carrier operation, I was flying a Rockwell Aero Commander 500 B around the State of Illinois when America was attacked on September 11, 2001. That Tuesday morning, after preflighting and completing the necessary paperwork, after departing Peoria, Illinois, we were then instructed by ATC to end our flight at Moline, IL. When I queried Center about this unusual assignment, Center eventually replied, “All we can say is that a plane hit a building in New York.”

That day, for the first time in our national history, all flights across the United States were grounded. Three days later I was part of another historical marker; only the checkhauler pilots were called back to the skies to transport millions of cancelled checks to large financial institutions around the country to start the economic healing of our nation. That night, I was cleared to taxi, to takeoff and to land at Chicago Midway International Airport with one departure clearance. The night sky was silent nationwide but for a few midnight flyers.

World Trade center towers on fire.

“All we can say is a plane hit a building in New York.”

One hundred hours later, I had to make a choice to quit American Airlines; the company that provided the salary and benefits needed to pay for the flight training expenses that landed me the 135 experience; or fly full time in an industry that would be significantly wounded for a long time resulting in future furloughs and significant cuts in pay-benefits-pensions and protective unions. Since I entered the field late, I chose to keep my seniority, pay, benefits and the ticket to the world that American Airlines offered me as a flight attendant and find another way to massage my flying addiction. After 10 years of flying, I finally turned to flight instructing and discovered I enjoyed the business of aviation, too!

As owner and operator of Am I High Aviation, LLC, a variety of flight training opportunities are provided including:

  • A monthly weekend ground school for customers seeking to pass the FAA knowledge test in just two days for the Private Pilot and Sport Pilot, Instrument Rating, CFI-Instrument and Instrument Ground Instructor FAA knowledge test.
  • The FAA Knowledge test historically prevents 50% of student pilots from completing their flight training and discouraging certificated pilots from improving their skills by earning new ratings and certificates. Am I High Aviation, LLC has provided weekend ground schools since 2004 to assist student pilots to pass the knowledge test in a single weekend.
  • Am I High Aviation, LLC, provides accelerated 14-day private pilot certificates and 7-day instrument ratings.
  • KidVenture Flight Education Events that parallel pilot training are encouraged, sponsored and organized by Am I High Aviation, LLC.





As a FAASTeam representative, Am I High Aviation, LLC strives to spread the knowledge of flying legally and safely in all classes of airspace,  navigating on the ground at controlled and uncontrolled airports, understanding security related airspace and risk management in the traffic pattern.


  • Safety seminars are scheduled every month at the Stevens Point Municipal Airport and other airports around the state.
  • Forums are presented at AirVenture going on 5 years.

Wanda Zuege, Award winning pilot teaches others to fly at Am I High Aviation, LLC:

(July 7, 2010: B. C. Kowalsky, Stevens Point Journal, Wisconsin)

The SEPT. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks changed a lot of lives, but for Wanda Zuege, her life might have turned out for the better.

Zuege recently received four separate awards from the Federal Aviation Administration for the state of Wisconsin and Great Lakes Region, including Flight Instructor of the Year for both.

Zuege, owner of Am I High Aviation, LLC and several pilots licenses, including Commerical and Gold Seal Flight Instructor, said she started out with ultralight airplanes – single-seat aircraft with less than five gallons of fuel – and the obsession continued from there, nearly culminating with a career tract to becoming a commercial airline pilot.

“I almost got on American Eagle,” Zuege said.  “I needed only 50 more hours and I was to be interviewed.   Then Sept. 11 happened.  I decided to redirect my energy and teach.  I really enjoy it.”

With Am I High Aviation – named after a young girl’s school essay about her first airplane ride with Zuege – she teaches accelerated courses, and is one of the few to offer these type of courses in the area.  She draws students from all over the Midwest, with her latest coming from Alaska to train with her.

“Fantastic.” Said Larry Ebert, 58, of Ashton, Ill, to describe Zuege’s teaching.  “She has a very positive attitude.  Instrument training is kind of hard, kind of overwhelming. Her positive support and organization made it clear to me.”

Former student John Wrycza, 53, of Naperville, Ill., said her dedication helped him learn very quickly.  She is more motivated for you to get your license than you are.” Wrycza said “She’s non-stop.  She’ll go from 8 in the morning to 9 at night, no problem.”

In addition to flight instruction., Zuege also teaches safety.  Her dedication to safety is much of the reason for the awards.

“I love doing Power Point,” Zuege said, “because aviation is totally new to a lot of people; they are helpful to explain a lot of things.”


Wanda teaching a weekend ground school.

Stevens Point flight instructor wins aviation awards:

(July 2,2010 Portage County Gazette)

Wanda receiving four FAA awards.Wanda Zuege, a master flight instructor at Stevens Point Municipal Airport and owner of Am I High Aviation, recently received four awards from the Federal Aviation Administration. (contributed photo)

Wanda Zuege, Master Flight Instructor at the Stevens Point Municipal Airport and owner of Am I High Aviation, LLC, recently received four awards from General Aviation Awards program and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Chosen on the basis of sustained superior performance as well as specifica contributions and accomplishments, Zuege received the 2010 Wisconsin Certified Flight Instructor of the Year Award, the Wisconson FAA Safety Team Lean Representative of the Year Award, the Certified Flight Instructor of the Year/Great Lakes Region Award and the FAA Safety Team Lead Representative of the Year/Great Lakes Region Award.

In each of the past 47 years, the General Aviation Awards program and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have recognized a small group of aviation professionals in the fields of flight instruction, aviation maintenance, avionics and safety for their contributions to aviation safety and education.

This awards program is a cooperative effort between the FAA and a dozen industry sponsors. The selection process begins with the local FAA Safety Team managers at the Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) and then moves on to the eight Regional FAA offices. Zuege, Custer, a two-time maste-certified flight instructor, has been flying since 1990 and instructing since 2001.

As the owner of Am I High Aviation, LLC, she provides a 14-day private pilot program, a 7-day instrument pogram, and monthly 2-day ground schools for the pivate, sport, istrument, CFI-Instrument, and IGI knowledge tests.

As a FAA safety team representative since 2007, Zuege conducts FAA asfety meetings at the Stevens Point Municipal Airport, EAA AirVenture and the CFI/DPE Program for the Milwaukee FSDO to discuss important safety information targeting areas that produce the most general aviation accidents and violations. More information is available online at www.amihighaviation.com


FAA approves Wanda Zuege as FAA Safety Team Representative

Stevens Point, Wisconsin. August, 2007 — Am I High Aviation, LLC a professional accelerated aviation training center, today announced the approval of Wanda Zuege as an FAA Safety Team Representative (FAASTeam.)

Wanda Zuege, Owner/Operator of Am I High Aviation, LLC, was approved to act as a FAASTeam Lead Representative for the Stevens Point area aviation community. Zuege has 2,500 total flight hours with 700 hours providing flight instruction. She is an active member with the following aviation organizations: National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Unitied States Air Force Auxiliary, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and the Experimental Aircraft Associaiton (EAA).

Flight Standards Service is a world leader in aviation safety supporting the goal to have the safest aviation system in the world. With new technology, the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAASTeam), newly launched in October 2006, can now bring safety resources, programs and seminars to the local level.

Accident reduction is the ultimate goal.� With data mining/analysis now available using the Web-Based-Data-Mart and distributing that information to a highly skilled and motivated team, the FAASteam is prioritizing safety resources by risks specific to each region. Zuege will work closely with the FAASTeam to continue to encourage the growth of a positive aviation safety culture.

In 2005, Am I High Aviation, LLC was created to provide accelerated flight training opportunities for the Stevens Point community and surrounding areas. Zuege with partner, John Thompson, developed an accelerated Weekend Ground School that allows customers with busy schedules to pass the Private Pilot and Instrumentï FAA knowledge test in just 2 days; an accelerated Private Pilot course and accelerated Instrument Pilot course. See website for more details www.amihighaviation.com, or call 715-252-3326.

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