2010 Weekend Ground School Graduates

OCT 2010  Private Pilot knowledge test passed same week. Jason Draheim, WI

OCT 2010  Private Pilot knowledge test passed same week. Joe Green, WI

OCT 2010  Private Pilot knowledge test passed on Monday morning. David Donavan, WI

SEP 2010  Hi Wanda and John, I passed my Instrument Currency flight review last week. Thanks for your help. Paul Richardson, IL

SEP 2010  John, you’ll be pleased to know I passed my test with a 95%. Your program was extremely helpful, thanks a lot! Merriman Blum, WI

AUG 2010 Yesssssssss! Passed and passed with a wide margin! Patty Bunce, WI

AUG 2010  Leon passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Leon Plank, WI

AUG 2010  Ryan passed his Private Pilot knowledge test on Monday. Ryan Wessell, WI

AUG 2010  Chris called and reported that he passed his Private Pilot knowledge test when he returned home. Chris Mueller, WI

AUG 2010  Hi Wanda, Thanks for your e-mail. I took the test last Monday. I scored 93%. Thanks for the help! The Ground School really helped me to have it all fresh in my mind. Regards, Milena McFeeters, WI

AUG 2010  Wanda, thank you again. I passed. I took my test in wausau on monday morning. I recieved the 2nd best score. Thanks. Ed Schneiderhan, MI

JUL 2010  Dave Roberts passed his Private Pilot knowledge test and proceeded with accelerated flight training. David Roberts, AK

JUL 2010  Wanda, The test went very well, I passed with an 83 %. Thanks again for the great ground school review class. It was very beneficial for me and helped with my overall learning. John was very good at breaking down the problems I did not understand and explaining them. Thanks for everything. Derek Gorowsky, WI.

JUN 2010  Jim called and reported that he passed his Private Pilot knowledge test when he returned home on Wednesday. Jim Dodge, MI

JUN 2010  Jim called to let me know that he passed the Sport Pilot knowledge test after finally attending the weekend ground school. Jim Syverud, WI

JUN 2010  Hi John and Wanda, The class was great and well thought out. As I mentioned to you, I left there and went straight to Appleton for the exam. I passed with a 83%. It was a long weekend, but well worth it. Now I can concentrate on learning to fly! Thanks again, Randy Ziarek, WI

APR 2010  Good morning Wanda, To your question, I did pass (the Private Pilot test) score 80%, same as practice test. There were lot more questions with calculations. Well, tell the truth, I did not feel strongly passing the test but somehow I did. I want you and John to know how much I appreciate your dedication and your support of the aviation community by providing the ground school. Jon Kim, WI

APR 2010  Hello Wanda, I passed the (Sport Pilot knowledge) test and had only three wrong. It is great to have this completed. Thank you, John Jedlowski, WI

APR 2010  John called to announce that in spite of taking a wrong turn and showing up 1 hour later to take the FAA Private Pilot Test, he passed with an 87! Jon Hansman, WI

APR 2010  Hi Wanda, I enjoyed the weekend course. It forced me to study which is what was needed. There were questions on the test we had covered. There were a few not covered. I drove over to the test center this (Monday) morning early and studied the questions in the Gleim Sport Pilot Answer book. One area you covered real well, that is important for all pilots, was understanding the sectional. I had taken a long 10 week, one night course, and they did not cover the map like you did. That was very important to me as I want to be able to use it in addition to the GPS. Also, there were no questions on the test I took that required a plotter, E6B or calculator. Actually, not a difficult test if a person just goes over and over the questions in the book. You might have a message on the phone number listed on pages of your presentation from this morning letting you know I “passed” (the Sport Pilot Knowledge test). Thanks, Bill Boeck, WI

APR 2010  Hi Wanda, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Private Pilot Written exam last night at 10:25PM. It made for a long day, but I was glad to get over that hurdle. Thanks again for all your help …I got 80%! Sol Leitzke, WI

MAR 2010  I made a 77…yeah!!! Tom Allen, Tampa, FL

MAR 2010  Tom took his Instrument Knowledge test Monday morning after attending the weekend ground school and passed! Tom Wagoner, Clarinda, IA

MAR 2010  Hi, Wanda. Went pretty well. I stopped on the drive from Stevens Point to Appleton and picked up a hot dog to eat in the car, and cookies and coffee to have during the test (brain food!).Mike met me at the testing place, and we got to it about 8:00 P.M., Sunday night.Since you are probably curious, I scored 97 (Instrument knowledge test)! Now I’m in Greeley Colorado. I think the combination of preparing with the Jeppesen text book, then using your weekend ground school to prep for the test, worked well. Thanks for everything. Paul Thompson, Madison, WI

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