2009 Weekend Ground School Graduates

NOV 2009  Hi Wanda…just took my written. Passed (the Private Pilot test) with an 87%! 🙂 I was just telling someone about it today! Still can’t believe I’m getting so close! Jennifer DelFosse, Waukesha, WI

NOV 2009  “I drove back home and arrived at 1am. Went to work at 4am. Took my (Private Pilot) test at 10am and passed with an 88%. It works. Thanks.” Jeff Gudwer, MI.

NOV 2009  Hi Wanda, Gary Shadrick and Scott Kampfer stopped in Monday to take their (Sport Pilot) exams. Thank you for sending them our way. Both guys passed their exams in the the upper 80’s. Scott with 88 and Gary with 85. I just thought you would like to know how they did. Have a great weekend.

SEP 2009  Yes, I did take the (Private Pilot) test and I passed!!! Yeah! Warren Baier, WI.

SEP 2009  Daniel Weisbrot passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Stevens Point, WI

SEP 2009  Robert Schumacher passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Wisconsin Rapids, WI

SEP 2009  Jozef Del Castillo passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Stevens Point, WI

SEP 2009  Andrew Kron passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. WI

JUN 2009  Hello Wanda, I took the (Private Pilot) exam last night and passed with a score of 88%! Thank you for helping me get familiar with the subject material! Would you be able to send me some information on your flight training program. Thanks, Sarah Natvig, WI.

JUN 2009  I passed the (Private Pilot knowledge test) Monday morning after the class in Wausau. Thanks for the class. Conner Jensch, WI

JUN 2009  “I passed (the Private Pilot knowledge test) with a 94.” Michael Ricker, MN.

JUN 2009  Well the good news is I paased (the Private Pilot knowledge test) … Thanks for the help. What is the rate per hour to have you do my flight training? Steve Ford, WI.

JUN 2009  Dear Wanda, I passed the (Private Pilot knowledge) test! I got a better score than all the practice tests I took, 87%. Thanks for the great instruction! Robert Kulp, WI.

MAY 2009  I passed (IFR knowledge test). 85%. Thanks. Tony Bomber, WI

MAY 2009  Wanda – Passed (IFR knowledge test) with an 82 this morning and really did not get a chance to do any other studying since Sunday. Thanks for your help! Dan Uminski, WI

MAY 2009  93% (IFR knowledge test)! Boy am I glad that is over! Thanks for all your help, Wanda. And thanks Lourinda, for letting us know what we were in for. Bob Baldwin, MI

MAY 2009  Norm passed his IFR knowledge test with a 75%. Norm Nitzkowski, MN

MAY 2009  Buddy passed his IFR knowledge test with an 83%. Eldredge “Buddy” Sessoms, WI

APR 2009  Just Passed my Private Pilot Ground Exam!!!! Jon Pearce, WI

APR 2009  Hi wanda, I scored a 90 (on the Sport Pilot knowledge test)… I felt good about the test after I was done. It helped to have some previous experience though.. Curtis Deering, WI

APR 2009  Yes Wanda you heard right! I passed (the Private Pilot knowledge test). I want to thank you so much for helping me get through this whole process, I couldn’t have done it with out your help. You and John do a great job of teaching and getting the point through. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to work with you more. . Emily Thurier, WI

APR 2009  I passed (the Private Pilot knowledge test)! 80%! Took it this morning at Marshfield Eric Rothstein, WI

APR 2009  I passed (my Private Pilot knowledge test) yesterday with an 85%. It was not a problem at all. Thanks for the help!! Doug Jung, WI

MAR 2009  I passed my (Private Pilot) written exam today! Judy Roeder, IL

JAN 2009  I attended the weekend Private Pilot Ground School Jan. 24 and 25. The organized, intensive program gave me the confidence I needed to finally go take the FAA test. I took the test on Monday morning and got a 92%. Now I can get on to the really fun part: learning to fly! Thank you! Rose Breuer, IL.

JAN 2009  Hi Wanda, Just to let you know that I passed the knowledge test with a score of 88%. Thank you to John for instructing the Jan. ground school. It really does work! Tom Heiring, WI.

JAN 2009  Don passed the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test Monday morning. Don Stark, WI.

JAN 2009  Greg passed the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test. Greg Moen, WI.

JAN 2009  Patricia passed the Instrument FAA knowledge Test after attending the weekend ground school. Patricia Horn, WI

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