2008 Ground School Graduates

NOV 2008 Thanks for the list of practice sites. I took the test this morning (Saturday) and passed with a 87%. Woo-hoo!.Thanks. Jay Frittitta, Stevens Point, WI

OCT 2008 Hi Wanda, First things first, I got 52 (right) on the (Private Pilot) test last night. Thanks for all of your, and John’s, work this weekend. I guess I know more than I think because I still don’t know how I got 50 on the practice test and then 52 on the real thing….. I really enjoyed this weekend, and obviously the program worked since on my practice tests I did at home I was pretty consistently around 50%. Thanks to both of you again and I hope to fly to STE when I get my license this fall. Mark Lake, WI

OCT 2008 Hi Wanda, just wanted to let you know I passed my private written with a 93. Thanks for the opportunity to attend your ground course. best regards, Erik Adams, WI OCT 2008 Hi Wanda, Well I passed my test last night so I am ready to start flying. Daniel Weiler, WI

OCT 2008 Mitch passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test Tuesday afternoon! Mitch Duckworth, WI

OCT 2008 Dennis passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test Monday afternoon! Dennis Malone, WI

OCT 2008 John passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test Tuesday afternoon! John Morris, WI SEP 2008 I took the FAA exam on 9-10-08 at Madison and scored a 97%. After coming back home from the weekend course, I reviewed the material for a few days, and quizzed myself, and brushed up on doing the time, distance, route calculations. I went in with confidence, and was not surprised by any of the questions. The ones I missed are labeled as PLT014 and PLT366. I’m not sure which ones these are, but overall, I was very pleased. I definitely think the weekend ground course was the way to go, and I attribute my success to it. Thanks for putting on a great course. Jeremy Johnson, WI

SEP 2008 Wanda, I just got home back in Milwaukee after taking the written at Pearl Aviation. Eric Donaldson and I were the last ones to take the test. We both passed (the Private Pilot Knowledge Test), both got 7 wrong, I got 88%, which is fine with me. Thanks to you and John for the training this weekend. After all the time I’ve spent putting this off, I’m glad that I’ve got it done. I considered waiting a couple weeks to study some more on weight and balance, but now that it’s done, it’s a relief and I’m looking forward to flight training like I haven’t before. Thanks again. Brett Huston, WI

SEP 2008 Hi Wanda, I just took the private pilot test and passed!! I have just one quick question. Is there anything I need to do with the sheet they gave me once I finished? They never really explained what I was supposed to do, more or less just said you passed here is the paper work.Matthew L. Smrz, WI

SEP 2008 Wanda,… I passed the (The Sport Pilot Knowledge) test … Thanks, Paul Petersen, IL SEP 2008 I passed the (The Sport Pilot Knowledge) test …. Thanks, Zachary Petersen, IL

SEP 2008 Took test on Monday and passed. Thank you for the help. Bob Slominski, WI SEP 2008 I took the instrument yesterday morning and passed! (I scored a 93%) There were more weather questions than I expected. The number array you taught us was very useful. The approximation method for CAS was also very helpful, ….. Thanks again, I’m POSITIVE that taking the course helped me pass the test. Basil Spyropoulos, WI

SEP 2008 Wanda, Just a quick note to thank you for the private pilot class. I took the exam on Sunday night and passed with a 83%. I should have done better because I made three mistakes on easy questions that I remembered the answers the moment I walked out of the test. I think my brain was tired. In any event, the class was helpful and well done. Bob Dillman, WI

SEP 2008 Wanda, I took the written for the Instrument Rating last night and finished up about 11:00pm, I passed with flying colors. I actually did much better than I expected or did on the practice test I completed prior to leaving Stevens Point. Please pass on to John that I appreciate him working with me after I completed the practice test to better understand my mistakes and the material. Thank you for your training and direction preparing me for the written exam, you did a great job. I look forward to completing my training with you this coming weekend. Bob Rouse, WI

JUL 2008 88% (on the FAA Instrument Knowledge (written) test. John Saxe, WI JUL 2008 Sid passed the FAA Private Pilot written test after attending the Weekend Ground School in July. Sid Ernest, MI

JUL 2008 I passed the CFII written. Thanks. Fred Moskol, WI

JUL 2008 I passed (the Private Pilot written test) with an 87%. I have since received my PPL. Thanks again for the help. See you at Oshkosh) Jason Pall, WI

JUN 2008 I’m sure you’ve guessed that I passed my exam. I didn’t get the score I was hoping for, but I passed and that’s what counts. Bill was very nice to me at Pearl Aviation. Thanks for everything. MaryKay Rice, MN , WI

JUN 2008 Bethany Mapes passed the FAA Private Pilot written test after attending the Weekend Ground School in June. Bethany Mapes, WI

JUN 2008 Dear Mrs. Zuege, I went up to Wausau yesterday to take the Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Exam and passed with an 82%! Thanks so much to you and Mr. Thompson for teaching me everything and getting me r3eady for the test. It was a lot of fun! Sincerely. Dan Mechenich, WI

MAY 2008 Wanda, thanks for you patience during the class this weekend. I had allot of questions that were answered due to your class. It was great to take the exam and complete that phase of my training I began in 2002. Where does the time go? I hope to finish the practical this fall. Rick McClellan, IL

MAY 2008 Robert Wuestenberg passed his FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Sunday evening. Robert Wuestenberg, IL

MAY 2008 Robert Wuestenberg passed his FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Sunday evening. Robert Wuestenberg, IL

MAY 2008 Brian Johnston passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test Monday morning. Brian Johnston, MI

APR 2008 Hi Wanda, Passed the IGI this afternoon – 82%, not quite what I was hoping for but a win is a win, as they say! A helicopter question and a few other misunderstandings crept in on the day. I did want to say that the list of numbers for the time, distance, speed calculations was very handy – saved a bunch of time there, plus the various other ‘key phrases’ you and John emphasized in the course enabled me to get the answer and move on without agonizing over the options. … onwards to figure out the FOI. Simon Twigger, IL

APR 2008 I am sorry I forgot to get back to you, but I did get an 85%. Thank you, John Saxe, WI

APR 2008 Hi , I took it (the instrument knowledge test) Sunday 2 yrs 2 months to the day and scored the same 90%. Thanks for the refresher. Dennis Mincheff, WI

APR 2008 Suzanne (Allen) passed with a 87% (great job to your staff). Ron Allen (Dad), Redwing, MN

APR 2008 Jason and I went at 10 am Saturday morning: Jason (Andorfer) passed with an 83. And I (Bob Andorfer) passed with an 80. Thank you for your help and guidance. Bob and Jason Andorfer, WI

APR 2008 Hi Wanda! Thanks again for everything, I thought the class was fantastic. I still can’t believe it…. I got 100% on the test! Now I’m ready and anxious for more flight training. See you soon! Thanks again, Julie Ebert, WI

APR 2008 Sorry for the delay, 87%, getting ready for my checkride. Thanks again for the class! Jason Pall, Fitchberg, WI APR 2008 Thanks Wanda, I passed my instrument ground test yesterday. … Thanks again for all your help. Ed Wagner, WI

MAR 2008 John and Wanda, Since I passed my (IFR knowledge test) written last night, would like to know a bit more, logistics and costs, to sign up for an accelerated course but driving my Cherokee. I don’t want to wait too long in completling my training, my goal is to put into practice my IFR over the summer when the wx is a bit nicer and have access to a saftey buddy. Thanks! Lidia Nonn, WI

MAR 2008 Jesse called and announced he passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Test Monday morning. Jesse Saidler, WI

MAR 2008 Michelle called and announced she passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Michele Stranz. WI

MAR 2008 Hi Wanda, Just wanted to thank you for a great training weekend. It was great to have all this stuff reviewed (IFR refresher) so quick and fast. Reto Frie, WI

MAR 2008 Ms. Zuege, My brother and I took the FAA test on Tuesday afternoon and we both passed! The weekend ground school was amazing! It really prepared me to take the test and I am so glad that I went. Thank you also for the extra effort to get us the endorsements on Tuesday morning. Joel & Mark Flage, WI

MAR 2008 Hi Wanda, I passed my private written exam with an 85% after attending the weekend course in Appleton. I am interested in attending the IFR training this spring…… When is the next IFR training and what type of time commitment is required … ? Paul Cowling, MI

FEB 2008 Wanda, I passed the instrument rating airplane test today with a score of 78. Thanks for your help. So, what’s next? Can you send me info on how to schedule instruction time? Thanks, John Ahlers, Slinger, WI

FEB 2008 John called to announce he passed his Instrument Knowledge Test on Super Tuesday. John Fahey, FEB 2008 Aaron passed his Instrument Knowledge Test Monday morning. Aaron Ruotsala, WI

FEB 2008 Good morning, Wanda! I took the test Monday morning, and passed (the Commercial test) with a 90. I haven’t checked yet, but is the wings credit automatic, or do I need to do something? (I did register with wings before the course.) It was nice to meet you and John, andI hope you made it back O.K. to Stevens Point in the snow on Monday. Best regards, Paul Thompson, WI

JAN 2008 Hi Steve! Thanks for the call announcing your new IFR rating! Steve Lehme, IA

JAN 2008 Dear Wanda and John: I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the hard work you both did for Steve and I on our Accelerated Instrument Course. I know that trying to put together a program for one student in a seven day course is alot work. You took on two at once. I found that you were very well prepared and dedicated to do what ever it would take to help us achieve our instrument rating. As in real world flying we had many unforseeable issues come upon us, (i.e. weather,icing,colds, etc) and yet you were able to stay focused on our goals. The skills that you taught me will be in my cockpit for the rest of my life. I know of no other flight school where the instructors would work 16 hours a day. Drive countless hours. Pick us up and drop us off at our hotel, be at my check ride for support and be just as excited as me when I passed. I feel that I am a better and safer pilot due to your program. I am looking forward to scheduling my commercial rating with Am I High. Thanks again. Joseph Dolph, Private Pilot..INSTRUMENT RATED. Joe Dolph, IA.

JAN 2008 Wanda, I just passed the Instrument Airplane with 97%! Thank you Am I High Aviation for motivating me to get the written done. The fast pace, energetic and packed weekend ground school was just what I needed. William Cox, Wisconsin

JAN 2008 Ms. Zuege — took the FAA test today and passed! The practice tests really helped! Thanks for the great instruction. I really enjoyed it! Steven Lang, WI

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