2007 Ground School Graduates

CFII Jim Trusty in the cockpit.

Jim Trusty, ATP/CFI, FAA National Flight Instructor 1997, Lrn2fly@bellsouth.net www.jimtrustycfi.com.

I’ve found, over the years, that test preparation really works.  It saves time and money.  I highly recommend the course for Private and Instrument students offered by Am I High Aviation.  Wanda Zuege is a dedicated instructor.  Take full advantage of that.

DEC 2007: Took the (Commercial written) test last Saturday… . Scored a 90. Steve Sorge, Wisconsin

DEC 2007: Wanda and John. Took Sport Pilot test Thursday in Wausau. Passed with 85%. I’m getting anxious to get in the air!!!! … Thanks for all the help in the weekend course. It made the process quicker and easier. Larry Gordon, WI

DEC 2007: I passed (the Commercial written test) with flying colors. THANKS AGAIN!! Kirk Haslow, WI

DEC 2007: I went yesterday morning and passed (the private pilot written test) with an 87 percent! Thank you for everything! I’ll be getting more time in the air either next week or after Christmas break, so you’ll see plenty more of me! Mathew Frittitta, WI

DEC 2007: Hey Wanda, this reminds me; I never actually emailed you back with my score. I took the test at west bend airport a week after the ground school. It’s a nice place- anyways, I passed with an 89%. Joseph R Pehoski, WI

DEC 2007: Hi Wanda, I studied this week during a business trip (not much else to do in the evenings) and took the commercial written today. I scored 92. Thanks, Mike Selwa, WI

NOV 2007: I took it yesterday and passed (the Instrument knowledge test) with a 90%. Steve Lemke, IA

NOV 2007: Hi Joe! Thanks for the call announcing your successful testing (passed the Instrument aeronautical knowledge test). Joe Dolph, IA

NOV 2007: Hi Charlie! Thanks for the call announcing your successful testing (passed the Private Pilot aeronautical knowledge test). Enjoy the skies! Charles Mills, Appleton, WI

NOV 2007: Hi Gary! Thanks for the call announcing your successful testing (passed the Sport Pilot aeronautical knowledge test). No surprise here – but it was a good message to receive today! Enjoy the skies! Gary Shadrick, Cass Lake, MN

NOV 2007: Hi Scott! Thanks for the call announcing your successful testing (passed the Private Pilot aeronautical knowledge test). No surprise here – but it was a good message to receive today! Enjoy the skies! Scott Kampfe, Laporte, MN

OCT 2007: Hi Wanda- Thanks for checking back. I did pass! 80% though … Your class sure helped! Brandon Baker, Minocqua, WI

OCT 2007: Hey Wanda and John, I took my test the Thursday after the weekend This was a journey that started for me in July! Oh, that July was in 1987 and the main thing that kept me from getting done was fear of the written test. Well I didn’t get 100 but I managed to get an 85! Now just a few more dollars and I’ll get my license. Thank you, Jim Finn

OCT 2007: Wanda & Tom, Took the private pilot exam Monday morning and passed with a 77%, there was few off the wall questions however the majority of the questions we covered in class. I am considering moving on to the instrument rating in the future and will more than likely be in contact about the weekend school for it. Thanks and keep up the good work. Eric Uhe, Viroqua, WI

OCT 2007: Dear Wanda, Thanks for the great seminar. I took my test yesterday and scored a 92!! Yahoo. You guys did a great job. Thanks again, Dr. Paul Riegleman, Nashotah, WI

OCT 2007: Hi Wanda, I passed my CFII and IGI on monday then FOI on tuesday. Thanks for your help getting me prepared for CFII and IGI! Your ground school classes are easily the best I have seen. Thank you! Greg Shepherd, Shoreview, MN

SEP, 2007: FYI…I passed the test as well! Thanks much for all the dedication and help! Michael O’Connell, Green Bay , WI

SEP, 2007: Nick Laird passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Nick Laird, Appleton, WI

SEP, 2007: Hello Wanda. Yes, I took the knowledge test on Saturday and passed with no problems. So your record of producing passing students is still safe.:-) Thank you, (and John and Terese as well). Sincerely George Spencer, Middleton , WI

SEP, 2007: Sean passed his private pilot knowledge test on Monday following the Weekend Ground School session. Sean McCardell, Stevens Point , WI

SEP, 2007: Well, I took my test today, and I am glad to say I passed with a 98%! Thank you very much for the time taken during the ground school this past weekend – it was time very well spent. The entire weekend was laid out extremely well, and prepared us well for the exam. That’s one step closer! If you happen to talk to John or Terese before I do, please thank them as well. Stevens Point, WI! Ryan Vechinski, Wisconsin Rapids , WI

JUL, 2007: PS: I also passed my Commerical written last week. And I am planning on taking the practical test on the 17th of August. Bryan Granholt, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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