2007 – 2017 Weekend Ground School Success Stories

March 2017: Hi Wanda, I just wanted to let you know that I did take my (FAA Priate Pilot Knowledge) test yesterday in Marshfield and I passed.  There were a lot of questions on my test on weather … Have a great day, Samantha Noel
March 2017: Gary passed his FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test after attending the weekend ground school. Ben Beatty
March 2017: Gary passed his FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test after attending the weekend ground school. Gary Beatty
August 2016: I got an 85% (on the FAA Private Pilot  knowledge test) which I’ll take. not as good as I was hoping for but it is over –  which is what counts. Steven Kroot
June 2016:  I passed (the FAA instrument knowledge test)! Josh Haberstroh
February 2016: 90% on first mock test: I passed with an 83. So thank you! John Stevens, Orlando 
IFR WGS orlando John Stevens
November 15, 2016: Hi Wanda, … passed with an 85%. 1st time. I was getting 85-95% on the sportys tests pretty consistently before I went in. Thanks to our class I was able to reason thru! Karen Simpson
November 2015:  Wanda: Took the test last night and got 92%.  So thanks again for all your help. Mike Steber
September 2015: Hi Wanda, I took a mock-test tonight (after attending the first day of ground school)  from Sporty’s  …  FYI, this was the only question that I got wrong, other than navigational questions that we will learn about tomorrow. Overall, I scored a 77%. Your course is awesome!  Geoff passed the Private Pilot Airplane knowledge test soon after attending the weekend ground school.  Geoff Gerrits 
September 2015: Ilya passed the Private Pilot Airplane knowledge test. Ilya Beyder
September 2015: I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Private Pilot Ground School Exam with a score of 45/60. Otherwise, most of the questions seemed familiar.  Noah Langenfeld
September 2015: I passed (the Private Pilot Airplane knowledge test) exam. Tami Burns 
August 2015: I passed (the Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test) this morning – 85%.  Luke Lechendro
August 2015: Thanks so much for all of you help this weekend, I passed (the Private Pilot Airplane knowledge test)!.  Megan Neff
August 2015: Mark passed (the Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test) Monday morning with a 78.  Mark DeCleene  
June 2015: 82!!!!!!  Tony passed the Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test Monday morning. Anthony Ruiz
June 2015: Ryan Wessell passed the Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test Monday morning. Ryan Wessell
June 2015: Sam Healy passed the Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test Monday morning. Sam Healy
May 2015: Hi Wanda, Good news..passed my ground test this morning! Thomas Reichert
May 2015: Wanda, passed today with 53/60. 45 minutes! Feels great to get that done – than ks for helping me make this happen!. Tim Green
May 2015: I passed (Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test) with 85%. Todd J. Tuls
 April 2015: Hey Wanda. I passed the Instrument Airplane test today with an 80%.   Terry Shiflet
April 2015: Hi Wanda! 84% passed!  (Instrument Knowledge) test. Don Brinkmeier
April 2015: Hi Wanda, I was able to pass my (Instrument Knowledge) test today with 82%, thanks for your help. Chad Hunter
April 2015: Passed with 88% (the Instrument Knowledge Test). Mike Busick
February 2015: Passed 80% (the Instrument Knowledge Test). Kent Aschenbrenner
 February 2015: I just go an 88% on the (Instrument Knowledge) test. Jeffrey Shea
February 2015: Passed 82% (the Instrument Knowledge Test). Joe Casadonte
December 2014:  A customer writes: “Wanda, in 2010 I took the Instrument Weekend Ground School with you on the way to my Private; you may recall it was what you were offering the weekend we had available. As Paul was already Instrument rated, it seemed a better use of his time. And it turned out to be very good preparation for the private knowledge exam for me (passed with 99%).  So with that as background I think you might like to know that I earned the instrument rating in October! We still love flying the Husky together and think of you whenever we’re near Steven’s Point. Thanks for the good introduction.” Sharyn and Paul
November 2014: Hi Wanda. Just completed my (Instrument Knowledge) test. 80% for your records… Tim Evans
October 2014: I can attest that the schooling does the job. I am happy I had the opportunity to take your class. I felt confident when I went to take the (Sport Pilot Knowledge) test and I did well.  James Romenesko
October 2014: Hi Wanda, I passed the FAA test and wanted to discuss the flight training portion… Karl Halsey
September 2014: Wayne passed the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge test. Wayne Endthoft
July 2014: Hi Wanda, I took my (Private Pilot) written exam and passed with a 90%. As for the questions, I did not see any that really stood out. All the questions I got dealt with the subjects you covered in class. Once again, thank you for the class. It was very informative and I learned a lot. Gunnar Wenz
July 2014: I took my (Sport Pilot) written exam this afternoon and passed! Thanks again for all of your help! Jared Birkholz
July 2014: Passed (my Private Pilot written exam) with an 88%. Thanks. Mark Tody
July 2014: Hey Wanda, I just took my (Private Pilot) test and got 51/60! Just though I’d let you know!  Zach Norrgran
July 2014: Hello!  Thanks for the follow up.  I just took the  (Private Pilot) test this morning and I am pleased to say I got an 82% on it, so I passed. Jim Ceplina
July 2014: Hello Wanda, The  (Private Pilot) practice test results are attached. I scored 85%. I would have done better if not for some idiotic selections. Thank you so much for your great course. Kian Hein
FEB 2014: Passed the (instrument) knowledge test after attending the weekend ground school.  Chris Montgomery
OCT 2013: Passed the (instrument) written test with an 83%..  Leon Plank
SEP 2013: Passed the (instrument) written this morning in Madison with an 85%. Thanks again for the class. Was nice to see you guys again!  Jeremy Johnson 
AUG 2013: Brian passed the Private Pilot written test one week after he attended the Weekend Ground School.  Brian C Shambeau 
JUN 2013: Gordie passed the Instrument written the day after he attended the Weekend Ground School.  Gordie Jones.
MAY 2013: Good afternoon,Wanda.  I passed my written today with an 82%.  Bryan Schwichtenberg
MAY 2013: Wanda, Took the instrument written today and passed! Thanks for the help! P.S. 82%, it does help to do it sooner, even with a ASA or Gleim book. 😉 Bobby Kulp
MAY 2013: Hi Wanda, Thank you again for helping me pass my IFR written last weekend! Andy Nahas
APR 2013: Passed the test.  Ryan Strand
APR 2013: Passed the written test!  Jim LeVasseur
APR 2013: I attended the ground school and really liked it. Appreciated it and I did pass my test. It was pretty easy actually. It was specific to Sport Pilot WeightShift and completed it within 15 minutes. Thanks.  Jim S…
APR 2013: I Passed!!!!  Joanne Heins
FEB 2013: Thanks again, Wanda, for cramming 6 months of information in my head in 2-days so I could pass the IFR written (Instrument Knowledge Test).  Matt Rettler
JAN 2013: I passed  (the Instrument knowledge test).  Thanks for all your help.  Dan Weinkauf
JAN 2013: Tom Brzoski passed the Private Pilot knowledge test shortly after attending the weekend ground school. Tom Brzoski
JAN 2013: Gary Hansen passed the Private Pilot knowledge test shortly after attending the weekend ground school. Gary Hansen
JAN 2013: Alex passed the Private Pilot knowledge test shortly after attending the weekend ground school. Alex
JAN 2013: Jake Lenz passed the Instrument rating knowledge test shortly after attending the weekend ground school. Jake Lenz
DEC 2012: Jeff Welhouse passed the Private Pilot knowledge test shortly after attending the weekend ground school. Jeff Welhouse
DEC 2012: “Hi Wanda, I emailed John this morning. I passed with a 78. Thought I would have a higher score; missed 4 easy ones so that didn’t help. But passing-is-passing.  Thanks for offering the weekend ground school. It made me get it done.”  Mark Pergande 
NOV 2012: Hey wanda it’s Kirk. Just wated let you know I took my (instrument) test and passed.  It was pretty tough but I made it and that’s what counts. So thank you very much  for a great class. I really enjoyed it. I’ll be in touch … take care bye.”  Kirk Hammel
OCT 2012: Wanda — Just passed my (Instrument) exam this morning!!  It was hard, and I barely passed, but I did pass.  Thanks for being so accommodating.  I really appreciate it”.  Deb Houden
SEP 2012: Sent text “passed (the Private Pilot knowledge test by) 77%. Thanks again”. Jake Weber
SEP 2012: Jacob passed his Private Pilot knolwedge test with an 85%.  Jacob Ribbe
AUG 2012: Chase Busch passed the Private Pilot knowledge test. Chase Busch
JUL 2012:  Hi Wanda,  Thanks for your knowledge and putting together these classes.  I took the (Instrument Knowledge) test yesterday and passed with an 88%. Take care.  Scott Ludwig
JUL 2012: Loretta Trenshaw passed the Instrument Knowledge test Monday morning following the weekend ground school.  Loretta Trenshaw
JUN 2012: Peter got a 90% on his Sport Pilot Knowledge test.  Peter J. Lorenz
JUN 2012: Hi Wanda, I just wanted to write and let you know that I am now Instrument Rated!!  It was truly a workload of a rating, but it is extremely rewarding to have gotten it knocked out.  I participated in one of your Instrument Weekends last November.  With your help, instructors, and safety pilots along the way, it all came together nicely and I just wanted to say thank you for the help you and your team provided that weekend.  I now have a fresh new license to continue learning with.  Thanks again and now OVC008 is a great day to fly!! 😉 Thomas Paine.
JUN 2012: The course was very helpful. Have also registered to create the WINGS account. I would recommend this course for anyone preparing for the knowledge test. Steve Denis
 JUN 2012: Hi Wanda, this is Larry Gosselin. Wanted to call you and tell you I’m sitting in the parking lot at West Bend airport. I just completed my written test. I got an 82 in an hour and 10 minutes … Thank you for the work that you did to prepare me for this test. Larry Gosselin.
JUN 2012: Rico Jaeger passed the Private Pilot knowledge test. Rico Jaeger
JUN 2012: Ryan Askren passed the Private Pilot knowledge test. Ryan Askren
JUN 2012: Tyler Askren passed the Private Pilot knowledge test. Tyler Askren
MAY 2012: Vaughn Meyer passed the Private Pilot Knowledge test. Vaughn Meyer
MAR 2012: I took the test this morning – 92%.  I’d have to say I was lucky they asked the questions I knew.  My studying showed some areas that I need to work on but at least now the test is behind me.  Looking forward to boring holes in the sky!  John C. Yunger
MAR 2012: I passed with a score of 78.  There were three-four questions that I have never seen in reference to WAAS and contact approaches.  But done and now taking the instrument ground instruction test. Tom Turner
MAR 2012:   I was in your instrument class earlier this year and passed the written test back in March. Terry Cameron
MAR 2012: Dear Wanda, While it is true that I did not pass the test, the reason is that I have not taken it. Too much occupation with work …. I’m now shooting for early summer to take the test.  I’ll be ready when I take the test.  I won’t fail.  After I pass I have full intention to avail myself of an accelerated course with you & John, 1st @ Pearl Aviation, then with a combo of my/your aircraft.  Ralph Skowro., WI
FEB 2012: Hi Wanda, I just took my exam. I passed!  Thanks for the help! Todd Roat, WI
JAN 2012: Patrick took his test at Marshfield (KMFI) and passed with an 82%. Patrick Pfeffer, MN
JAN 2012: Shawn  passed with an 88%. Shawn Swanson, IL
DEC 2011: Ralph Pagano passed the Instrument Knowledge Test. Customer Writes: “Hello Wanda,  I hope you received my voicemails, but in the event you didn’t I wanted to follow up.  Brian Robbins had contacted you about coming out to New Jersey to help me with my IFR written.  …. Brian has spoken very highly of you, so I am really looking forward to meeting you and to getting the IFR written behind me!” Ralph Pagano, New Jersey
DEC 2011: Tom Dillman passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test. “Yes,  Took it (Private Pilot Knowledge Test) on Friday following the weekend class and passed with a 87%.  Thanks for all your help.”  Tom Dillman
DEC 2011: Marc Schlotman passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Marc arrived at the Stevens Point airport Monday afternoon and proudly announced he had just passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Marc Schlotman, Stevens Point
DEC 2011: Brent Hancock passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test. “Hey Wanda, Brent Hancock calling.  I just took my knowledge test and passed with an 87%. So I just wanted to let you know and give you guys some feedback. I don’t really have any glitches other than those memorized numbers where there was one question had two possible answers 43 & 48. Well, I am going to have lunch with my wife now.”  Brent Hancock, WI
NOV 2011: Norm Nitzkowski passed the Instrument Knowledge Test. “Hi Wanda, just calling to let you know I passed the instrument on Monday. Got an 82. Thought the questions were pretty straight forward. I think we covered most of them in class. So, thanks again for your help.” Norm Nitzkowski, WI
NOV 2011: Tom Paine passed the Instrument Knowledge Test. “Wanda, I drove (sadly) over to Marshfield on Wednesday to take the test, and PASSED! 🙂  I had used the marking tool while going through the test to mark the the ones I had ANY doubt on. The great thing about it was that I knew what I knew, but also knew what I wasn’t 100% on.  In reviewing the test at the end, I don’t think I got any wrong that I hadn’t marked as suspect during the test, so I felt good about that.  I could tell in taking the test where my weak spots were, so I can build off of that. Thanks for the prep and be sure to thank John for me, as well.”  Tom Paine, WI
NOV 2011: Jeff Lemmens passed the Instrument Knowledge Test. “I took the test on Monday and answered 10 incorrectly (83%).  It took me a little over 2 hours to complete the test including going back to review answers.  I completed both practice tests in about an hour and answered 5 incorrectly both times.  I beleive there were 5 GPS or GPS approach questions and I answered 2 of those incorrectly.  There were also a couple of questions regarding ice.  I think I answered both of those correctly.  I did answer the question regarding flight time to be filled in on a flight plan incorrectly.  The three choices were 1 hours 15 minutes (which I knew to be incorrect), 1 hour and 20 minutes (which is what I answered incorrectly), and 1 hour and 25 minutes.  Thank you for the ground school.  Now the real work begins!” Jeff Lemmens, WI
NOV 2011: Curtis Deering passed the Sport Pilot Knowledge Test. “Hi Wanda, I passed the sport pilot written yesturday, scored a 95% (thanks).  Working on getting my flight to florida now.  There were a lot of new questions I have not seen before on the test.  Questions that are hard to remember, mostly on safety issues.  One question on the runway threshold I got wrong.”  Curtis Deering, WI
OCT 2011: Jason Wiza passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Test. “I passed my knowledge test today. Ready for the next step.”  Jason Wiza, WI
SEP 2011: Kevin Wilson passed the Private Airplane Knowledge Test. “Wanda, Thanks for thinking of me. I did pass the written that following tuesday, and I passed my check ride and now have my private license! So next it’s on to the instrument rating. Any suggestions?” Thanks  Kevin Wilson, WI
SEP 2011: Kent Troxel passed the Private Airplane Knowledge Test. Customer writes: “Thanks for the ground school this last weekend.  I learned a lot, and it showed…  I took and passed my test this morning!” Kent Troxel, WI
SEP 2011: Matt Smrz passed the Private Airplane Knowledge Test. Matt attended the September 10 & 11 Weekend Ground School and passed his knowledge test the following week. Matt Smrz, WI
July 2011: Peter James passed the Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test. “Wanda & John,  Thanks for the great ground training! I passed the written this morning with 83 percent in Dubuque. I’m looking forward to getting with you for the flight training!  Thanks”.  P. James, IA
July 2011: Pat Masse passed the Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test. Customer writes: “It was a great school. Best Regards” Pat Masse, WI
July 2011: Curt Drumm passed CFII & IGI Knowledge Tests. Curt Drumm, WI  “Hi Wanda, Just wanted to let you know that I passed both instrument writtens while on a charter layover two weeks ago. (IGI and CFII)  I worked a bunch more sample online tests, then cranked out both tests in about 20 minutes each while on an overnight with a family at Niagara Falls Int’l. Here I was, one of the most “romantic” places in the world, and I was stuck in a hotel room with my iPad doing sample tests. Thanks for teaching our weekend ground school. It worked. A lot of your little “remember” techniques came in handy, and your grouping of questions worked well.”  Curt Drumm, Lakeshore Aviation, Manitowoc, WI
June 2011: Susan Glancey passed her Private Pilot Knowledge test. “I passed – Let’s fly!” Susan Glancey, Naperville, Illinois
June 2011: Mark Krause passed his Private Pilot Knowledge test.”Hi Wanda. Mark Krause.  No need to call. Just wanted to let you know that I finished my test a couple of minutes ago – got an 82.  So passed, and ready for the next stage. Looking forward to seeing you next month. Just wanted to share the good news.  Thanks again.  Tell John thanks, too”.  Mark Krause, Illinois
June 2011: Terry Paulson passed his Private Pilot Knowledge test. “Hey Wanda,  I passed my test with an 82 %. Thanks a alot.”  Terry Paulson, LaCrosse, WI
May 2011: Jason Roy passed his Sport Pilot Knowledge test. Jason Roy, WI
May 2011: Dennis Hribar passed the Private Pilot Knowledge test. Wanda, I took the FAA written test this morning and passed.  There were several questions on VOR and ADF.  Airspace questions seem to be a favorite on my test. Thanks to you and John for your great instruction. Dennis Hribar, Lone Rock, WI
May, 2011: Rick Hannemann passed the Private Pilot Knowledge test. Rick Hannemann, WI
May 2011: Jason Nelson passed his Sport Pilot Knowledge test. Jason Nelson, WI
May 2011: Mike Foust passed the Private Pilot Knowledge test, Monday. Mike Foust is on the accelerated (total immersion) private pilot training program. Mike Foust, AK
May 2011: Michael Kiesling passed the Private Pilot Knowledge test. “Hello Wanda and John, Thank you very much for the weekend ground school! studied Monday am. then took the test in Appleton at 1:30….got an 82 % ! Man am I glad thats done! What a beautiful piece of paper!  … Still coming down from the weekend and the test….sure was happy to see the 82 come up!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!”  Michael Kiesling, KOSH
April 2011: Dick Gozia passed the Private Pilot Knolwedge Test. “Wanda/John,  Thanks for all your help. After memorizing all the ‘magic’ numbers, there was only one question regarding ‘time ’and none on ‘takeoffs and landing distances’. I missed two questions, one on ADF and the other on VOR. Thank heavens for GPS. Hope to see you again soon.”  Dick Gozia, WI
April 2011: Bob Dillman passed the Instrument Knowledge Test. “Wanda,  I took my test today and passed.  It wasn’t pretty but I am sure that it wouldn’t have happened without the preparation from your course.  Interestingly, I encountered about seven questions that I had never seen before.  They must be  from the new pool of questions.  Thanks again for all help.”   Bob Dillman, WI
April 2011: Nathan Harder passed the Private Pilot Knolwedge Test. “I passed!  I also went flying yesterday and I still remember how to fly.  Now I need to get this done. Thanks Again!” Nathan Harder, WI
March 2011: Steve Montgomery passed the Instrument Knowledge Test.  Steve attended the MAR 26/27 INSTRUMENT Weekend Ground School passed the test the following day. Steve Montgomery, WI
FEB 2011: Deb Houden passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Deb Houden attended the JAN 29/30 SPORT/PRIVATE Pilot Weekend Ground school and scored 90 on her knowledge test FEB 2nd. Deb Houden, WI
FEB 2011: Randy Champeau passed the Private Pilot Knowledge test. Randy attended the JAN 29/30 SPORT/PRIVATE Pilot Weekend Ground school and scored 90 on his knowledge test FEB 2nd. Randy Champeau, WI
JAN 2011: Chartier passed Private Pilot Knowledge Test! Hi Wanda! Thanks again for the great ground school training! I took my (Private Pilot Knowledge) test today and passed!!!!! I received an 80% which is just fine. Thanks again for all of your help!” Scott Chartier, MI
OCT 2010  Private Pilot knowledge test passed same week. Jason Draheim, WI
OCT 2010  Private Pilot knowledge test passed same week. Joe Green, WI
OCT 2010  Private Pilot knowledge test passed on Monday morning. David Donavan, WI
SEP 2010  Hi Wanda and John, I passed my Instrument Currency flight review last week. Thanks for your help. Paul Richardson, IL
SEP 2010  John, you’ll be pleased to know I passed my test with a 95%. Your program was extremely helpful, thanks a lot! Merriman Blum, WI
AUG 2010 Yesssssssss! Passed and passed with a wide margin! Patty Bunce, WI
AUG 2010  Leon passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Leon Plank, WI
AUG 2010  Ryan passed his Private Pilot knowledge test on Monday. Ryan Wessell, WI
AUG 2010  Chris called and reported that he passed his Private Pilot knowledge test when he returned home. Chris Mueller, WI
AUG 2010  Hi Wanda, Thanks for your e-mail. I took the test last Monday. I scored 93%. Thanks for the help! The Ground School really helped me to have it all fresh in my mind. Regards, Milena McFeeters, WI
AUG 2010  Wanda, thank you again. I passed. I took my test in wausau on monday morning. I recieved the 2nd best score. Thanks. Ed Schneiderhan, MI
JUL 2010  Dave Roberts passed his Private Pilot knowledge test and proceeded with accelerated flight training. David Roberts, AK
JUL 2010  Wanda, The test went very well, I passed with an 83 %. Thanks again for the great ground school review class. It was very beneficial for me and helped with my overall learning. John was very good at breaking down the problems I did not understand and explaining them. Thanks for everything. Derek Gorowsky, WI.
JUN 2010  Jim called and reported that he passed his Private Pilot knowledge test when he returned home on Wednesday. Jim Dodge, MI
JUN 2010  Jim called to let me know that he passed the Sport Pilot knowledge test after finally attending the weekend ground school. Jim Syverud, WI
JUN 2010  Hi John and Wanda, The class was great and well thought out. As I mentioned to you, I left there and went straight to Appleton for the exam. I passed with a 83%. It was a long weekend, but well worth it. Now I can concentrate on learning to fly! Thanks again, Randy Ziarek, WI
APR 2010  Good morning Wanda, To your question, I did pass (the Private Pilot test) score 80%, same as practice test. There were lot more questions with calculations. Well, tell the truth, I did not feel strongly passing the test but somehow I did. I want you and John to know how much I appreciate your dedication and your support of the aviation community by providing the ground school. Jon Kim, WI
APR 2010  Hello Wanda, I passed the (Sport Pilot knowledge) test and had only three wrong. It is great to have this completed. Thank you, John Jedlowski, WI
APR 2010  John called to announce that in spite of taking a wrong turn and showing up 1 hour later to take the FAA Private Pilot Test, he passed with an 87! Jon Hansman, WI
APR 2010  Hi Wanda, I enjoyed the weekend course. It forced me to study which is what was needed. There were questions on the test we had covered. There were a few not covered. I drove over to the test center this (Monday) morning early and studied the questions in the Gleim Sport Pilot Answer book. One area you covered real well, that is important for all pilots, was understanding the sectional. I had taken a long 10 week, one night course, and they did not cover the map like you did. That was very important to me as I want to be able to use it in addition to the GPS. Also, there were no questions on the test I took that required a plotter, E6B or calculator. Actually, not a difficult test if a person just goes over and over the questions in the book. You might have a message on the phone number listed on pages of your presentation from this morning letting you know I “passed” (the Sport Pilot Knowledge test). Thanks, Bill Boeck, WI
APR 2010  Hi Wanda, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Private Pilot Written exam last night at 10:25PM. It made for a long day, but I was glad to get over that hurdle. Thanks again for all your help …I got 80%! Sol Leitzke, WI
MAR 2010  I made a 77…yeah!!! Tom Allen, Tampa, FL
MAR 2010  Tom took his Instrument Knowledge test Monday morning after attending the weekend ground school and passed! Tom Wagoner, Clarinda, IA
MAR 2010  Hi, Wanda. Went pretty well. I stopped on the drive from Stevens Point to Appleton and picked up a hot dog to eat in the car, and cookies and coffee to have during the test (brain food!).Mike met me at the testing place, and we got to it about 8:00 P.M., Sunday night.Since you are probably curious, I scored 97 (Instrument knowledge test)! Now I’m in Greeley Colorado. I think the combination of preparing with the Jeppesen text book, then using your weekend ground school to prep for the test, worked well. Thanks for everything. Paul Thompson, Madison, WI
NOV 2009  Hi Wanda…just took my written. Passed (the Private Pilot test) with an 87%! 🙂 I was just telling someone about it today! Still can’t believe I’m getting so close! Jennifer DelFosse, Waukesha, WI
NOV 2009  “I drove back home and arrived at 1am. Went to work at 4am. Took my (Private Pilot) test at 10am and passed with an 88%. It works. Thanks.” Jeff Gudwer, MI.
NOV 2009  Hi Wanda, Gary Shadrick and Scott Kampfer stopped in Monday to take their (Sport Pilot) exams. Thank you for sending them our way. Both guys passed their exams in the the upper 80’s. Scott with 88 and Gary with 85. I just thought you would like to know how they did. Have a great weekend.
SEP 2009  Yes, I did take the (Private Pilot) test and I passed!!! Yeah! Warren Baier, WI.
SEP 2009  Daniel Weisbrot passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Stevens Point, WI
SEP 2009  Robert Schumacher passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Wisconsin Rapids, WI
SEP 2009  Jozef Del Castillo passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Stevens Point, WI
SEP 2009  Andrew Kron passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. WI
JUN 2009  Hello Wanda, I took the (Private Pilot) exam last night and passed with a score of 88%! Thank you for helping me get familiar with the subject material! Would you be able to send me some information on your flight training program. Thanks, Sarah Natvig, WI.
JUN 2009  I passed the (Private Pilot knowledge test) Monday morning after the class in Wausau. Thanks for the class. Conner Jensch, WI
JUN 2009  “I passed (the Private Pilot knowledge test) with a 94.” Michael Ricker, MN.
JUN 2009  Well the good news is I paased (the Private Pilot knowledge test) … Thanks for the help. What is the rate per hour to have you do my flight training? Steve Ford, WI.
JUN 2009  Dear Wanda, I passed the (Private Pilot knowledge) test! I got a better score than all the practice tests I took, 87%. Thanks for the great instruction! Robert Kulp, WI.
MAY 2009  I passed (IFR knowledge test). 85%. Thanks. Tony Bomber, WI
MAY 2009  Wanda – Passed (IFR knowledge test) with an 82 this morning and really did not get a chance to do any other studying since Sunday. Thanks for your help! Dan Uminski, WI
MAY 2009  93% (IFR knowledge test)! Boy am I glad that is over! Thanks for all your help, Wanda. And thanks Lourinda, for letting us know what we were in for. Bob Baldwin, MI
MAY 2009  Norm passed his IFR knowledge test with a 75%. Norm Nitzkowski, MN
MAY 2009  Buddy passed his IFR knowledge test with an 83%. Eldredge “Buddy” Sessoms, WI
APR 2009  Just Passed my Private Pilot Ground Exam!!!! Jon Pearce, WI
APR 2009  Hi wanda, I scored a 90 (on the Sport Pilot knowledge test)… I felt good about the test after I was done. It helped to have some previous experience though.. Curtis Deering, WI
APR 2009  Yes Wanda you heard right! I passed (the Private Pilot knowledge test). I want to thank you so much for helping me get through this whole process, I couldn’t have done it with out your help. You and John do a great job of teaching and getting the point through. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to work with you more. . Emily Thurier, WI
APR 2009  I passed (the Private Pilot knowledge test)! 80%! Took it this morning at Marshfield Eric Rothstein, WI
APR 2009  I passed (my Private Pilot knowledge test) yesterday with an 85%. It was not a problem at all. Thanks for the help!! Doug Jung, WI
MAR 2009  I passed my (Private Pilot) written exam today! Judy Roeder, IL
JAN 2009  I attended the weekend Private Pilot Ground School Jan. 24 and 25. The organized, intensive program gave me the confidence I needed to finally go take the FAA test. I took the test on Monday morning and got a 92%. Now I can get on to the really fun part: learning to fly! Thank you! Rose Breuer, IL.
JAN 2009  Hi Wanda, Just to let you know that I passed the knowledge test with a score of 88%. Thank you to John for instructing the Jan. ground school. It really does work! Tom Heiring, WI.
JAN 2009  Don passed the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test Monday morning. Don Stark, WI.
JAN 2009  Greg passed the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test. Greg Moen, WI.
JAN 2009  Patricia passed the Instrument FAA knowledge Test after attending the weekend ground school. Patricia Horn, WI
NOV 2008 Thanks for the list of practice sites. I took the test this morning (Saturday) and passed with a 87%. Woo-hoo!.Thanks. Jay Frittitta, Stevens Point, WI
OCT 2008 Hi Wanda, First things first, I got 52 (right) on the (Private Pilot) test last night. Thanks for all of your, and John’s, work this weekend. I guess I know more than I think because I still don’t know how I got 50 on the practice test and then 52 on the real thing….. I really enjoyed this weekend, and obviously the program worked since on my practice tests I did at home I was pretty consistently around 50%. Thanks to both of you again and I hope to fly to STE when I get my license this fall. Mark Lake, WI
OCT 2008 Hi Wanda, just wanted to let you know I passed my private written with a 93. Thanks for the opportunity to attend your ground course. best regards, Erik Adams, WI OCT 2008 Hi Wanda, Well I passed my test last night so I am ready to start flying. Daniel Weiler, WI
OCT 2008 Mitch passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test Tuesday afternoon! Mitch Duckworth, WI
OCT 2008 Dennis passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test Monday afternoon! Dennis Malone, WI
OCT 2008 John passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test Tuesday afternoon! John Morris, WI SEP 2008 I took the FAA exam on 9-10-08 at Madison and scored a 97%. After coming back home from the weekend course, I reviewed the material for a few days, and quizzed myself, and brushed up on doing the time, distance, route calculations. I went in with confidence, and was not surprised by any of the questions. The ones I missed are labeled as PLT014 and PLT366. I’m not sure which ones these are, but overall, I was very pleased. I definitely think the weekend ground course was the way to go, and I attribute my success to it. Thanks for putting on a great course. Jeremy Johnson, WI
SEP 2008 Wanda, I just got home back in Milwaukee after taking the written at Pearl Aviation. Eric Donaldson and I were the last ones to take the test. We both passed (the Private Pilot Knowledge Test), both got 7 wrong, I got 88%, which is fine with me. Thanks to you and John for the training this weekend. After all the time I’ve spent putting this off, I’m glad that I’ve got it done. I considered waiting a couple weeks to study some more on weight and balance, but now that it’s done, it’s a relief and I’m looking forward to flight training like I haven’t before. Thanks again. Brett Huston, WI
SEP 2008 Hi Wanda, I just took the private pilot test and passed!! I have just one quick question. Is there anything I need to do with the sheet they gave me once I finished? They never really explained what I was supposed to do, more or less just said you passed here is the paper work. Matthew L. Smrz, WI
SEP 2008 Wanda,… I passed the (The Sport Pilot Knowledge) test … Thanks, Paul Petersen, IL SEP 2008 I passed the (The Sport Pilot Knowledge) test …. Thanks, Zachary Petersen, IL
SEP 2008 Took test on Monday and passed. Thank you for the help. Bob Slominski, WI
SEP 2008 I took the instrument yesterday morning and passed! (I scored a 93%) There were more weather questions than I expected. The number array you taught us was very useful. The approximation method for CAS was also very helpful, ….. Thanks again, I’m POSITIVE that taking the course helped me pass the test. Basil Spyropoulos, WI
SEP 2008 Wanda, Just a quick note to thank you for the private pilot class. I took the exam on Sunday night and passed with a 83%. I should have done better because I made three mistakes on easy questions that I remembered the answers the moment I walked out of the test. I think my brain was tired. In any event, the class was helpful and well done. Bob Dillman, WI
SEP 2008 Wanda, I took the written for the Instrument Rating last night and finished up about 11:00pm, I passed with flying colors. I actually did much better than I expected or did on the practice test I completed prior to leaving Stevens Point. Please pass on to John that I appreciate him working with me after I completed the practice test to better understand my mistakes and the material. Thank you for your training and direction preparing me for the written exam, you did a great job. I look forward to completing my training with you this coming weekend. Bob Rouse, WI
JUL 2008 88% (on the FAA Instrument Knowledge (written) test. John Saxe, WI JUL 2008 Sid passed the FAA Private Pilot written test after attending the Weekend Ground School in July. Sid Ernest, MI
JUL 2008 I passed the CFII written. Thanks. Fred Moskol, WI
JUL 2008 I passed (the Private Pilot written test) with an 87%. I have since received my PPL. Thanks again for the help. See you at Oshkosh) Jason Pall, WI
JUN 2008 I’m sure you’ve guessed that I passed my exam. I didn’t get the score I was hoping for, but I passed and that’s what counts. Bill was very nice to me at Pearl Aviation. Thanks for everything. MaryKay Rice, MN 
JUN 2008 Bethany Mapes passed the FAA Private Pilot written test after attending the Weekend Ground School in June. Bethany Mapes, WI
JUN 2008 Dear Mrs. Zuege, I went up to Wausau yesterday to take the Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Exam and passed with an 82%! Thanks so much to you and Mr. Thompson for teaching me everything and getting me r3eady for the test. It was a lot of fun! Sincerely. Dan Mechenich, WI
MAY 2008 Wanda, thanks for you patience during the class this weekend. I had allot of questions that were answered due to your class. It was great to take the exam and complete that phase of my training I began in 2002. Where does the time go? I hope to finish the practical this fall. Rick McClellan, IL
MAY 2008 Robert Wuestenberg passed his FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Sunday evening. Robert Wuestenberg, IL
MAY 2008 Robert Wuestenberg passed his FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Sunday evening. Robert Wuestenberg, IL
MAY 2008 Brian Johnston passed his Private Pilot Knowledge Test Monday morning. Brian Johnston, MI
APR 2008 Hi Wanda, Passed the IGI this afternoon – 82%, not quite what I was hoping for but a win is a win, as they say! A helicopter question and a few other misunderstandings crept in on the day. I did want to say that the list of numbers for the time, distance, speed calculations was very handy – saved a bunch of time there, plus the various other ‘key phrases’ you and John emphasized in the course enabled me to get the answer and move on without agonizing over the options. … onwards to figure out the FOI. Simon Twigger, IL
APR 2008 I am sorry I forgot to get back to you, but I did get an 85%. Thank you, John Saxe, WI
APR 2008 Hi , I took it (the instrument knowledge test) Sunday 2 yrs 2 months to the day and scored the same 90%. Thanks for the refresher. Dennis Mincheff, WI
APR 2008 Suzanne (Allen) passed with a 87% (great job to your staff). Ron Allen (Dad), Redwing, MN
APR 2008 Jason and I went at 10 am Saturday morning: Jason (Andorfer) passed with an 83. And I (Bob Andorfer) passed with an 80. Thank you for your help and guidance. Bob and Jason Andorfer, WI
APR 2008 Hi Wanda! Thanks again for everything, I thought the class was fantastic. I still can’t believe it…. I got 100% on the test! Now I’m ready and anxious for more flight training. See you soon! Thanks again, Julie Ebert, WI
APR 2008 Sorry for the delay, 87%, getting ready for my checkride. Thanks again for the class! Jason Pall, Fitchberg, WI APR 2008 Thanks Wanda, I passed my instrument ground test yesterday. … Thanks again for all your help. Ed Wagner, WI
MAR 2008 John and Wanda, Since I passed my (IFR knowledge test) written last night, would like to know a bit more, logistics and costs, to sign up for an accelerated course but driving my Cherokee. I don’t want to wait too long in completling my training, my goal is to put into practice my IFR over the summer when the wx is a bit nicer and have access to a saftey buddy. Thanks! Lidia Nonn, WI
MAR 2008 Jesse called and announced he passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Test Monday morning. Jesse Saidler, WI
MAR 2008 Michelle called and announced she passed the Private Pilot Knowledge Test. Michele Stranz. WI
MAR 2008 Hi Wanda, Just wanted to thank you for a great training weekend. It was great to have all this stuff reviewed (IFR refresher) so quick and fast. Reto Frie, WI
MAR 2008 Ms. Zuege, My brother and I took the FAA test on Tuesday afternoon and we both passed! The weekend ground school was amazing! It really prepared me to take the test and I am so glad that I went. Thank you also for the extra effort to get us the endorsements on Tuesday morning. Joel & Mark Flage, WI
MAR 2008 Hi Wanda, I passed my private written exam with an 85% after attending the weekend course in Appleton. I am interested in attending the IFR training this spring…… When is the next IFR training and what type of time commitment is required … ? Paul Cowling, MI
FEB 2008 Wanda, I passed the instrument rating airplane test today with a score of 78. Thanks for your help. So, what’s next? Can you send me info on how to schedule instruction time? Thanks, John Ahlers, Slinger, WI
FEB 2008 John called to announce he passed his Instrument Knowledge Test on Super Tuesday. John Fahey, FEB 2008 Aaron passed his Instrument Knowledge Test Monday morning. Aaron Ruotsala, WI
FEB 2008 Good morning, Wanda! I took the test Monday morning, and passed (the Commercial test) with a 90. I haven’t checked yet, but is the wings credit automatic, or do I need to do something? (I did register with wings before the course.) It was nice to meet you and John, andI hope you made it back O.K. to Stevens Point in the snow on Monday. Best regards, Paul Thompson, WI
JAN 2008 Hi Steve! Thanks for the call announcing your new IFR rating! Steve Lehme, IA
JAN 2008 Dear Wanda and John: I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the hard work you both did for Steve and I on our Accelerated Instrument Course. I know that trying to put together a program for one student in a seven day course is alot work. You took on two at once. I found that you were very well prepared and dedicated to do what ever it would take to help us achieve our instrument rating. As in real world flying we had many unforseeable issues come upon us, (i.e. weather,icing,colds, etc) and yet you were able to stay focused on our goals. The skills that you taught me will be in my cockpit for the rest of my life. I know of no other flight school where the instructors would work 16 hours a day. Drive countless hours. Pick us up and drop us off at our hotel, be at my check ride for support and be just as excited as me when I passed. I feel that I am a better and safer pilot due to your program. I am looking forward to scheduling my commercial rating with Am I High. Thanks again. Joseph Dolph, Private Pilot..INSTRUMENT RATED. Joe Dolph, IA.
JAN 2008 Wanda, I just passed the Instrument Airplane with 97%! Thank you Am I High Aviation for motivating me to get the written done. The fast pace, energetic and packed weekend ground school was just what I needed. William Cox, Wisconsin
JAN 2008 Ms. Zuege — took the FAA test today and passed! The practice tests really helped! Thanks for the great instruction. I really enjoyed it! Steven Lang, WI
DEC 2007: Took the (Commercial written) test last Saturday… . Scored a 90. Steve Sorge, Wisconsin
DEC 2007: Wanda and John. Took Sport Pilot test Thursday in Wausau. Passed with 85%. I’m getting anxious to get in the air!!!! … Thanks for all the help in the weekend course. It made the process quicker and easier. Larry Gordon, WI
DEC 2007: I passed (the Commercial written test) with flying colors. THANKS AGAIN!! Kirk Haslow, WI
DEC 2007: I went yesterday morning and passed (the private pilot written test) with an 87 percent! Thank you for everything! I’ll be getting more time in the air either next week or after Christmas break, so you’ll see plenty more of me! Mathew Frittitta, WI
DEC 2007: Hey Wanda, this reminds me; I never actually emailed you back with my score. I took the test at west bend airport a week after the ground school. It’s a nice place- anyways, I passed with an 89%. Joseph R Pehoski, WI
DEC 2007: Hi Wanda, I studied this week during a business trip (not much else to do in the evenings) and took the commercial written today. I scored 92. Thanks, Mike Selwa, WI
NOV 2007: I took it yesterday and passed (the Instrument knowledge test) with a 90%. Steve Lemke, IA
NOV 2007: Hi Joe! Thanks for the call announcing your successful testing (passed the Instrument aeronautical knowledge test). Joe Dolph, IA
NOV 2007: Hi Charlie! Thanks for the call announcing your successful testing (passed the Private Pilot aeronautical knowledge test). Enjoy the skies! Charles Mills, Appleton, WI
NOV 2007: Hi Gary! Thanks for the call announcing your successful testing (passed the Sport Pilot aeronautical knowledge test). No surprise here – but it was a good message to receive today! Enjoy the skies! Gary Shadrick, Cass Lake, MN
NOV 2007: Hi Scott! Thanks for the call announcing your successful testing (passed the Private Pilot aeronautical knowledge test). No surprise here – but it was a good message to receive today! Enjoy the skies! Scott Kampfe, Laporte, MN
OCT 2007: Hi Wanda- Thanks for checking back. I did pass! 80% though … Your class sure helped! Brandon Baker, Minocqua, WI
OCT 2007: Hey Wanda and John, I took my test the Thursday after the weekend This was a journey that started for me in July! Oh, that July was in 1987 and the main thing that kept me from getting done was fear of the written test. Well I didn’t get 100 but I managed to get an 85! Now just a few more dollars and I’ll get my license. Thank you, Jim Finn
OCT 2007: Wanda & Tom, Took the private pilot exam Monday morning and passed with a 77%, there was few off the wall questions however the majority of the questions we covered in class. I am considering moving on to the instrument rating in the future and will more than likely be in contact about the weekend school for it. Thanks and keep up the good work. Eric Uhe, Viroqua, WI
OCT 2007: Dear Wanda, Thanks for the great seminar. I took my test yesterday and scored a 92!! Yahoo. You guys did a great job. Thanks again, Dr. Paul Riegleman, Nashotah, WI
OCT 2007: Hi Wanda, I passed my CFII and IGI on monday then FOI on tuesday. Thanks for your help getting me prepared for CFII and IGI! Your ground school classes are easily the best I have seen. Thank you! Greg Shepherd, Shoreview, MN
SEP, 2007: FYI…I passed the test as well! Thanks much for all the dedication and help! Michael O’Connell, Green Bay , WI
SEP, 2007: Nick Laird passed his Private Pilot knowledge test. Nick Laird, Appleton, WI
SEP, 2007: Hello Wanda. Yes, I took the knowledge test on Saturday and passed with no problems. So your record of producing passing students is still safe.:-) Thank you, (and John and Terese as well). Sincerely George Spencer, Middleton , WI
SEP, 2007: Sean passed his private pilot knowledge test on Monday following the Weekend Ground School session. Sean McCardell, Stevens Point , WI
SEP, 2007: Well, I took my test today, and I am glad to say I passed with a 98%! Thank you very much for the time taken during the ground school this past weekend – it was time very well spent. The entire weekend was laid out extremely well, and prepared us well for the exam. That’s one step closer! If you happen to talk to John or Terese before I do, please thank them as well. Stevens Point, WI! Ryan Vechinski, Wisconsin Rapids , WI
JUL, 2007: PS: I also passed my Commerical written last week. And I am planning on taking the practical test on the 17th of August. Bryan Granholt, Wisconsin Rapids, WI


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